Alfred Krupp

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German arms manufacturer and son of Friedrich Krupp


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1 stop Alfred Krupp school (middle platform, line 106).
Pfeiffer: Alfred Krupp was a great industrial leader in Germany.
historical landscape for over 170 years, dating back to 1837 when Alfred Krupp, founder of predecessor company Krupp, provided coin minting machine prototypes to the U.
Contract notice: Construction of the gleisanlange the line 106/109 food, stop alfred krupp school crossing area frohnhauser street / martin-luther-straE-e track, road and civil engineering work.
Professor Kaufmann has authored over 600 scientific publications and has received numerous scientific awards including the Aronson Prize of the State of Berlin, the Smith Kline Beecham Science Prize for Medical Research, the Merckle Research Prize, The Robert Pfleger Prize, The Pettenkofer Prize, The Research Prize of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology and the Alfred Krupp Prize for Young Professors.