Alfred Kroeber

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United States anthropologist noted for his studies of culture (1876-1960)

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This is followed by a history and commentary on the study of the lines from their discovery in 1926 by Toribio Mejia Xesspe and Alfred Kroeber.
The man, who never revealed his real name - ``Ishi'' means ``man'' in his Yahi dialect - was cared for by anthropologists Thomas Waterman and Alfred Kroeber, whose wife wrote the book after Kroeber's death.
At a time when American scholars were being taught the importance of culture by Franz Boas's students from Columbia--anthropologists like Ruth Benedict, Alfred Kroeber, and Margaret Mead -- culture itself assumed a special value.
Goddard's work and continued with Alfred Kroeber (1902-1923), Helen Roberts (1926), and others, including Keeling himself (1978-1980), Cry for Luck is the first full-scale study of the music of the region.
So anthropologist Alfred Kroeber describedIshi, last of the Yahi Indians.
Waterman and his colleagues, including anthropology department head Alfred Kroeber, took an immediate liking to their outgoing, intelligent boarder.
Alfred Kroeber of Berkeley, one of the leading anthropologists of the 20th century, proclaimed Ishi the last of the Yahi Indians, a lost tribe dating back to the Stone Age.