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United States semanticist (born in Poland) (1879-1950)

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Alfred Korzybski, "A Veteran's Re-Adjustment and Extensional Methods," ETC: A Review of General Semantics, 3, no.
As such, maybe Alfred Korzybski, in the preface of the third edition to Manhood of Humanity (1921/2001) has the final say when he writes: "We need not blind ourselves with the old dogma that 'human nature cannot be changed', for we find that it can be changed if we know how.
For the formulations of Alfred Korzybski, similarly for each, an alerting trigger resulting in action can be created; for example, the hot-button for indexing can be "distin" implying a distinct individual distinguished apart from abstracted class characteristics.
74/75, and has presented papers on GS at the New York symposia in 2008 and 2011 following the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lectures.
As such, it is worthwhile to recall that Alfred Korzybski first put forth these principles out of concern to improve individual freedom and autonomy, and to alleviate the personal and social problems that give rise to conflict, prejudice, and a failure to live up to our full human potential.
THE CLOSING of the world war," Alfred Korzybski predicted in 1921, "is the dosing of the childhood of humanity.
Kelley, Foreword to "A Veteran's Readjustment and Extensional Methods," by Alfred Korzybski, in Hayakawa's Language, Meaning and Maturity, pp.
On listening to the 2013 Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture by Terrence Deacon (2013a, 2013b), I was reminded that the same is true for Charles Darwin.
Address presented to the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture Series, New York.
Also to convert is approximately eleven hours of reels of a seminar led by Alfred Korzybski with a projected release by year's end, as well as a large number of reels of lectures by many of the notable teachers who have taught for the IGS.
General semantics, as founded by Alfred Korzybski, has a more specific interest than its name implies.
While it is not my purpose in this essay to rename general semantics, it is my purpose to apply the insights of this re-definition of semantics to general semantics, and so it is my purpose to definitively characterize what general semantics and its founder Alfred Korzybski are examining in the intricate and expansive subject.
Cummings and an article from Alfred Korzybski from the very first publication of ETC--in August 1943.