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United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956)


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My favorite concerns Alfred Kinsey, author of the massive mid-twentieth-century Kinsey Reports on sexual behavior--and world expert on the gall wasp.
Biologist and the Promise of American Life; From Meriwether Lewis to Alfred Kinsey.
Judith Reisman is on a crusade to undo the pernicious work of Alfred Kinsey.
Suresha, the guest editor of the Journal of Bisexuality has prepared and contributed to a sexagennial (pun intended) volume on the influence of Alfred Kinsey on social recognition of sexual differences.
Auden, Paul Cadmus, Lincoln Kirstein, Glenway Westcott, Benjamin Britten, and Alfred Kinsey (why not?
In 1953, Alfred Kinsey noted that 78% of lesbians achieved orgasm in most of their sexual encounters, compared to 55% of heterosexual women.
Each chapter offers a substantial list of readings and references to support the content--from Plato's Symposium to the research of Alfred Kinsey to modern films, blogs, literature, and art--as well as suggested discussion questions for reflection and further exploration.
The landmark "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" report revealed major insights into bisexual behavior and orientation--without even using the word "bisexual"--when it was published 60 years ago by pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and his research team at Indiana University, Bloomington.
Famous researcher Alfred Kinsey once set up a bare mattress on a floor of his attic and called it a "laboratory" and was said to get up-close and personal, within inches of his subjects as they were otherwise occupied.
She references the famous scale of sexual orientation proposed by Alfred Kinsey, on which a six is absolutely as gay as you can get.
This stirring drama probes the life of one of America's most controversial figures: Alfred Kinsey.
During that time, he interviewed Albert Einstein, and was one of the early chroniclers of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey.
1894: Eminent sexologist Alfred Kinsey was born on this day
The film, starring Liam Neeson, and directed by a homosexual activist, is basically an attempted justification of Alfred Kinsey in particular and of the sexual revolution in general.