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United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956)


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In 1953, Alfred Kinsey noted that 78% of lesbians achieved orgasm in most of their sexual encounters, compared to 55% of heterosexual women.
The landmark "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" report revealed major insights into bisexual behavior and orientation--without even using the word "bisexual"--when it was published 60 years ago by pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and his research team at Indiana University, Bloomington.
In chapter nine, McLaren focuses on the work of Masters and Johnson and Alfred Kinsey.
This stirring drama probes the life of one of America's most controversial figures: Alfred Kinsey.
Alfred Kinsey documents women's sexual practices in the second of his groundbreaking Kinsey Reports; and Hugh Hefner launches Playboy magazine, trumpeting sex as a fundamental element the modern bachelor lifestyle.
1894: Eminent sexologist Alfred Kinsey was born on this day
The film, starring Liam Neeson, and directed by a homosexual activist, is basically an attempted justification of Alfred Kinsey in particular and of the sexual revolution in general.
Some recent Hollywood bits that have raised conservative ire include hailing Alfred Kinsey, Nicole Kidman sharing her bathtub with a boy in ``Birth,'' euthanasia glorified in ``Million Dollar Baby'' and ``The Sea Inside.
Being cast as sex expert Dr Alfred Kinsey last year was the spur for him to start fighting the flab.
Among the leading gurus of the 1950s and '60s none stood higher than Alfred Kinsey, famous for his revolutionary studies of human sexuality.
AN EXCELLENT biography of sex guru Alfred Kinsey, who shocked 1940s America with his studies on sexuality.
ALFRED Kinsey was the provocative American scientist whose work is said to have lit the touch-paper on the sexual revolution of the '60s, and this enjoyable film starring Liam Neeson recalls a life perhaps too preoccupied with humanity's dirty little secrets.
THIS fascinating movie centres on sex pert Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson) who caused a sensation in 1948 with the publication of his medical journal Sexual Behaviour In The Human Male.
Despite this, Liam admits he was more than happy to drop all inhibitions for the role as Alfred Kinsey, the famed scientist whose pioneering sex research scandalised 1940s America.