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English film director noted for his skill in creating suspense (1899-1980)

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(3) Andrew Goldman interview of Tippi Hedren, "The Revenge of Alfred Hitchcock's Muse," New York Times, 5 October 2012.
Van Sant was met with howls of derision on the release of 1998's Psycho, his shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock's legendary 1960 thriller.
ALFRED Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo has been named the greatest film of all time in a prestigious poll - knocking Orson Welles' Citizen Kane off the top spot for the first time in 50 years.
Balcon continued on Alfred Hitchcock's films throughout his British period, usually uncredited, producing The Mountain Eagle, Downhill, Easy Virtue, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The 39 Steps, Secret Agent and Sabotage.
The Man Who Knew Too Much C4, 12.50pm Alfred Hitchcock's suspenseful thriller stars James Stewart and Doris Day as a couple caught up in an assassination plot.
SIENNA Miller will play Alfred Hitchcock's obsession, actress Tippi Hedren, in a harrowing drama.
Bill (Taffy) Coates Taunton Avenue, Llanrumney, Cardiff I SEE the Cowbridge Amateur Dramatic Society's latest project Rope is an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film ("Hitchcock in Cowbridge", Echo, September 7).
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is back and it is as searing and scary as it was when first released 50 years ago.
The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock's Shower: A Murder That Became a Real-Life Mystery offers insights into what really happened to Janet Leigh's body double in Psycho, exploring the psychology of a killer and revealing a classic Hollywood murder mystery.
The city that provided the backdrop for Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The Birds is being terrorised in scenes reminiscent of the film.
of Colorado, Boulder) offers an examination of several of Alfred Hitchcock's major films from two perspectives: Freudian psychoanalysis and their latent psychosexual content.
The Rathe family, owners of the building since 1956, stored their rare car collection there, including the 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Drophead driven by Tippie Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.
It's then when we find ourselves gazing, along with the audience attending the Quebec City "premiere," at the dark looming Kafka/Castle-esque hulk of the Chateau Frontenac Hotel that opens Alfred Hitchcock's I Confess (1952), the making and meaning of which lays such a forceful part in the shape and resonances of Lepage's highly complex film.
Lauren has worked at Universal Studio with Albert Whitlock, Alfred Hitchcock's special effects man.
The mountain's primary visual association--aside from souvenir postcards--remains its role as the climactic setting for Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 thriller North by Northwest, and there will always be visitors who come to look at Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt but can't help seeing Gary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, and Martin Landau instead.