Alfred Eisenstaedt

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United States photographer (born in Germany) whose unposed documentary photographs created photojournalism (born in 1898)


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2) This is a page from Life magazine in 1990 showing Edith's letter to photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and his acknowledgment.
Graves worked with a host of acclaimed photographers during his years at LIFE, from Margaret Bourke-White to Gordon Parks to Alfred Eisenstaedt.
personalities; the entire works left to the Collection from LIFE photographers Alfred Eisenstaedt, Gjon Mili, and Nina Leen.
Markus, whose still work has put him in the front ranks of contemporary American photographers, has been cited for his extraordinary vision of his work documenting the American West and is the recipient of Life Magazine's Alfred Eisenstaedt Photography Award.
On August 14, 1945, LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt took the photo in New York City's Time Square.
The stamp art shows a painting by Tim O'Brien, based on a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt showing Hart in Times Square.
The iconic photo was taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life magazine in 1945 with the caption 'In New York's Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers,' reports The Daily Telegraph.
The Archive Photos collection further strengthens Getty Images' comprehensive archival offering, which includes contributions from world renowned partners such as Time & Life Pictures, which includes legendary names such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, and W Eugene Smith, as well as Weegee, NY Daily News, Arnold Newman, and numerous US historical institutions.
The LIFE Picture Collection contains millions of images from the magazine comprising some of the most recognizable images in the world and representing some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, like Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Andreas Feininger and John Dominis.
The collection includes some of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century, such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Andreas Feininger, John Dominis, Nina Leen, and Gjon Mili, whose photographs have adorned the pages of TIME, LIFE and other Time Inc.
Founded in 1950 as a summer program for adults, such renowned artists as Ansel Adams, Meredith Willson, Bella Lewitzky, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Pete Seeger and Norman Corwin have taught at the campus.
Never losing his passion for art as well as architectural and urban landscape photography -- interests enhanced by assignments with many of Life's famed photographers, including Alfred Eisenstaedt, Gordon Parks and Andreas Feininger, son of painter Lyonel Feininger -- Anthony resumed painting at the Art Students League in New York twice weekly with artist Catherine Redmond, and later at his own studio in Roxbury, CT.
Seliger's work has been displayed in museums and galleries around the world, and his photographs have won countless awards from such esteemed awards committees as The Society of Publication Designers, The Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, Communication Arts, American Photography, and Photo District News.
McNally is a recipient of the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award and has been honored by Pictures of the Year International, World Press Photo, The Art Directors Club, American Photo, Communication Arts, and Graphis.