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United States photographer (born in Germany) whose unposed documentary photographs created photojournalism (born in 1898)


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Married couple Kenji and Kristen Kawasaki (far left) join others as they re-enact the iconic 1945 Alfred Eisenstaedt kiss photo, Friday, Aug.
THE KISS Any collection of the 20th century's iconic images is likely to include this Life magazine photo taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in New York's Times Square on the day World War II ended.
(Some people today, however, view the sailor's passionate kiss of an apparent stranger as offensive.) The photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt, didn't get the names of the sailor or nurse, and their identities have never been confirmed, despite the many people over the years who have claimed to be them.
Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt clicked the picture as the news of Japan's surrender filtered through New York's Times Square on 14 August 1945.
Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt reportedly took the image after the news of Japan's surrender filtered through, an event that led both to the end of WWII and an outburst of emotion in McDuffie's heart, leading him to impulsively kiss a woman walking by.
While I do not believe this photo caused the war to end, I do believe that the iconic picture by famed Life magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt of a sailor celebrating in Times Square on 14 August 1945 served for many as the joyous and emotional end to that horrible conflict.
On either side of the building entrance, twin kiosks display Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph of the sailor and nurse kissing in Times Square on Victory over Japan Day.
The famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square after the announcement of Japan's surrender in 1945 was taken by photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt and was first published in LIFE magazine.
A winner of the World Press Award for his coverage of the building of the Getty Museum and two Alfred Eisenstaedt Awards for his work in Havana and Brasilia, he is best known for exterior and interior architectural images.
Erich Salomon and Alfred Eisenstaedt, he was a pioneer in available light photojournalism.
In photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt's captured kiss, snapped in a second and nailed to the nation's scrapbook, we notice the contrasts of blacks and whites that help make the photo famous.
One all-too-brief sequence even has Larry and Amelia jumping into the celebrated Alfred Eisenstaedt Times Square photo "The Kiss," surrounded by WWII veterans against a black-and-white cityscape.
LIFE magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was in New York's Times Square to capture the photo titled, "V-J Day Times Square," expressing happiness beyond words and the power of human connections--even among strangers.
The moment was caught by Alfred Eisenstaedt, a Life magazine photographer, whose VJ Day picture became one of the 20th century's most iconic images.