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French political writer noted for his analysis of American institutions (1805-1859)

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Thursday 11: Mr Prodi and Mrs Diamantopoulou will attend the extraordinary Social Summit on 'Growth and Employment'; Mr Kinnock will receive the Alexis de Toqueville Prize at the European Institute for Public Administration (Maastricht); Mrs Schreyer will attend the inauguration of the new Hungaruan mission to the EU in the presence of Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy; Official visit by Mr Verheugen to Morocco (11-12); Official visit be Mr Lamy to Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay (11-16); Mrs Diamantopoulou will attend the 'Employment and Labour Market Segmentation' Conference staged by the Italian Presidency (Catania)
Half a century later, Alexis de Toqueville gained the same impression, and found a monetary explanation:
Schaff's view and vision of America are favorably compared with those of other nineteenth-century writers, such as Robert Baird, Alexis de Toqueville, and Josiah Strong.
As Alexis de Toqueville expresses it: "Le christianisme avait detruit la servitude et les Chretiens du XVI siecle l'ont retablie.
As Alexis de Toqueville observed more than 140 years ago in ``Democracy in America'': ``In a local community (in the United States) a citizen may conceive of some need which is not being met.
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