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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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THE American track and field stars arriving at Alexender Stadium for the Olympic warm-up probably anticipated a few hiccups along the way - the lost buses, the wet weather and understanding the Scouse accents of the G4S security detail.
I have come to know that the faculty of KASBIT is playing a pivotal role in emboldening the internal skills of the students by giving them the knowledge of philosophy and visions through the educational novels of Sukarat, Plato, Alexender, Luqman and Khalil Jibran.
Ghoshal UC, Alexender G, Ghoshal U, Tripathi S, Krishnani N.
82) For one such anti-medical statement, see Alexender Dowie, Doctors, Drugs and Devils, or, the Foes of Christ the Healer (Zion City, Ill.
The Central Election Commission denied accreditation for EurAsEC Parliamentary Assembly Adviser Alexender Maryshev, since he is a Kyrgyz citizen.
Company client servicing manager Thomas Alexender said carrying out the re-branding was in itself a challenge.