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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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The writer follows a consistent procedure: after providing a straight translation of the Latin, he then furnishes commentary in a series of different verse forms, exploiting various combinations of hexasyllabic, heptasyllabic, octosyllabic, and alexandrine lines.
In these poems he relived all his experiences and expressed them sometimes in alexandrines and regular stanzas, sometimes in short unrhymed lines, and always without punctuation.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO-4 August 2017: Bibliotheca Alexandria is collaborating with the Centre d'Eetudes Alexandrines (CEAlex) to coordinate "The Streets of Alexandria (Les Rues D'Alexandrie)" competitions to persuade people to rediscover the history of ancient Alexandria.
Both, curiously, are written not in the usual alexandrines but in decasyllables.
In fact, all but four of the 29 poems in Section A are written in alexandrines with flat rhyme (AABB ...): "Le Guitariste," heptasyllabic lines in quatrains; "Au Laurier," three decasyllabic and one pentasyllabic line in each quatrain; "Consommation," alternate alexandrines and octosyllabic lines in flat rhyme; and "Les Demoiselles des chars," ten-line stanzas with three meters--8-12-10-12-8 8-8-12-8-12 and rhymed ABABC CDEDE (a strophic form of Banville's invention?).
The first part of "Seven Days" is written in rondels, in hexameters and alexandrines, with two different rhyme schemes consistently preserved throughout.
Bacchi tempel (1783), a poem in alexandrines, also contained some songs and engravings.
vers alexandrines'y trouvent massivement niees" (Roubaud 21).
Some are long, including a poem to which Jouet returns periodically over the four-year period, written in alexandrines and terza rima, with an internal rhyme scheme he calls "rime berrychonne" (after the American poet John Berryman), which includes-thus far-4,002 lines.
He wrote sonnets and elegies in graceful alexandrines for Henry III and others to present to their mistresses.
He rejects prose and free verse as not in harmony with the originals, but also diverges from those who would substitute English heroic couplets for the French alexandrine. Monte prefers to use English alexandrines, loosely adapted, finding this a more flexible form.
Plessen's attention to alexandrines in Illuminations is dismissed as 'scolaire'.
The Rou, written in octosyllabic couplets and monorhyme stanzas of alexandrines, is a history of the Norman dukes from the time of Rollo the Viking (after 911) to that of Robert II Curthose (1106).
Except for a few poems in rich alexandrines, she opts for free verse, adapting the length of each unit to the flow of thought.
It is written in alexandrines and observes the classical unities to the letter; at the end all the characters die, on the same day and in the same place.