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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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During the sixteenth century, complaintes tended to be cast in long prosaic strings of alexandrines paired in flat rhymes or simple homometric stanzas with shorter lines arranged in crossed or flat rhymes.
Alternatively they can convert 17th-century alexandrines to blank verse, the form most familiar to anglophone ears--in which case they must also decide how rigidly they will adhere to the rhyme scheme.
In the fifth section the alexandrines are continued in a monorhyme quatrain.
In these poems he relived all his experiences and expressed them sometimes in alexandrines and regular stanzas, sometimes in short unrhymed lines, and always without punctuation.
For example, if it is true that the heroic couplet, as Dryden handles it, 'by the reiterated end-stopped lines which the rhyme and designed pauses produce, halts or constrains the emotion, preventing any overflow of feeling', that is emphatically not true of rhyming alexandrines as Racine handles them.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO-4 August 2017: Bibliotheca Alexandria is collaborating with the Centre d'Eetudes Alexandrines (CEAlex) to coordinate "The Streets of Alexandria (Les Rues D'Alexandrie)" competitions to persuade people to rediscover the history of ancient Alexandria.
The text concludes with an appeal for help to the Habsburg Emperor, and is followed by a long poem in alexandrines, going beyond a mere versification of the preceding prose.
In fact, all but four of the 29 poems in Section A are written in alexandrines with flat rhyme (AABB .
Lovichi and Apollinaire share a musical quality (the former calling one of his sections "Premier feu, petite suite en si mineur"), still anchored, for the most part, in traditional verse forms (octosyllables and alexandrines abound), though here frequently disguised, as in "Comme/au matin / s'eleve un lent vol de colombes.
Schiller's blank verse is a tough proposition for Spanish, but French Alexandrines ought to work in likewise-lightly-stressed Castilian - to which, additionally, rhyming is natural.
Bacchi tempel (1783), a poem in alexandrines, also contained some songs and engravings.
all art of course works with limitations and only reaches its perfection by the adequate recognition of its limitations, but the limitations must be rational: rhymed alexandrines are as trammelling as the use of monochrome to a painter, or the chisel alone to the sculptor.
Both, curiously, are written not in the usual alexandrines but in decasyllables.
The first part of "Seven Days" is written in rondels, in hexameters and alexandrines, with two different rhyme schemes consistently preserved throughout.
He wrote sonnets and elegies in graceful alexandrines for Henry III and others to present to their mistresses.