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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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He asserted that even the attempt to translate the French Alexandrine verse was flatly unworkable in Italian.
There are lots of interpolated stories here, there are episodes written in alexandrine verse, and there are enough characters (human ones this time, though there is obviously no lack of typographical characters either) to satisfy even a hardened devotee of the serial genre.
This is a brand new translation in Alexandrine verse, to give the English text the rhythm of the original French," said director David Valayre.
But if the quotidian, the relatively pastoral, never ceases to catch the celebratory, memorializing gaze of this poet of the ephemeral, much else can fascinate and demand that compact, gentle penetration that his at once classical and quirky and unrhymed alexandrine verse tirelessly provides: meditation upon a Cezanne portrait of his father; evocation of paintings by Vuillard or Poussin, Derain or Uccello; accompaniment to remarks on poetic function read in the paper; fleeting or more persistent thoughts on Proust or Rabelais, Jammes or Homer, Honore d'Urfe or Balzac; the depths of our myths and the challenges of the hypercontemporary; unabashed allusion to Christian tradition and belief; and so on.