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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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When she was handed documents at her first Privy Council meeting, she instructed officials to delete Alexandrine and name her Queen Victoria.
The closing section of the last chapter in Martha Radice and Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier's thought-provoking collection Urban Encounters is entitled Artists and social scientists: a curious encounter.
"However, the sorrow of Mr and Mrs Scott turned to joy by the receipt of a letter from their son stating he had been wounded in the head on November 15, 1916, and was a prisoner in Lazarett Kasrine, Alexandrine Strasse, Berlin," wrote the Observer.
Authors: Alexandrine Guedon-Gracia, et ah,
And though there may be an occasional dove or a pigeon, it's mostly parrots -- Common Ring Necked, Alexandrine, Plum Heads, Monk Parakeets and, rarely, Yellow parrots - on the guest list.
The church of Ethiopia was part of the Church of Alexandria until they split in 1959, when an agreement was reached between the Ethiopian Holy Synod and the Alexandrine.
Legions of pigeons were joined by a lost female Alexandrine Parakeet, thought to have escaped from a home near our Fort Dunlop headquarters.
displays the glaring truth: the alexandrine's worse
In the first chapter, for example, Cornulier provides a provocative reading of Rimbaud's sonnet, "Morts de Quatre-vingt douze et de Quatre vingt treize," that suggests a particularly Subversive placement of the caesura in the line "Morts de Valmy, Morts de / Fleurus, Morts d'Italie," By counting it as a 6-6 rather than the long-assumed 4-4-4, Cornulier ascribes to Rimbaud the rare Alexandrine in which the caesura falls not only on a monosyllabic preposition (de) but on a particularly unstable one at that.
Ne en 1928, Mohsen Mohamed est d'origine alexandrine. Il a ete PDG de la Maison de presse Dar El-Tahrir ainsi que redacteur en chef d'Al-Gomhouriya.
She was born in Dudley, daughter of the late Anthony and Alexandrine (Landry) Ledoux and lived in Dudley all her life.
That he chose the alexandrine (a twelve-syllable line) in place of the Latin hexameter (with its six metrical feet), and in rhyming couplets at that, initially seems quirky.
The novel tells of two girls, C21 American Andi and C18 Parisiennne Alexandrine. Gifted musician Andi, struggling to come to terms with the death of her younger brother two years previously, for which she feels responsible, is close to suicide and she is failing at college.