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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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In the Ministry of Health of Ukraine there was a briefing on the results of negotiations with international pharmaceutical companies to provide antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients with participation of Tatyana Alexandrine, the Chairman of State Service of Ukraine on combating HIV-infection/AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases, Volodymyr Zhovtyak, Head of the Coordination Council of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH and Dmytro Pidturkin, adviser of the Minister of Health.
On the request of Chief Minister Punjab, Rana Farooq considered the matter as a special case and decided to allow the export of a pair of Alexandrine Parakeet as a goodwill gesture to Turkey.
Freshmen Luke Ellworthy, Matt Alexandrine, Jeremy "Shorty" Casiano and Derek Price all did a nice job for coach Bonci.
Murwab is an exceptional site in that the settlement dates exclusively from the 9th century at the very beginning of the Abbasid period," Dr Alexandrine Guerin, the Chief for the archaeological campaign, told The Peninsula.
By putting the four in the context of the Alexandrine school, Robertson puts their thought in a new and intriguing light.
Stephen Daley, of Gabalfa, Cardiff, paid pounds 1 70 for a cage and bird described as an Alexandrine parrot as an early 50th birthday present for wife Sheila after spotting a newspaper advert.
It is a pity that the exhibitions organisers have not included Francois Gerard's The Painter Isabey and his Daughter Alexandrine (1795, Musee du Louvre, Paris), although it is illustrated in the catalogue.
Fred was tracked down by distant relative, Michael Reeves, aged 48, of Berkswell Close, Church Hill North, Redditch, whose aunt found a trunk in her attic which had belonged to her great-grandmother, Alexandrine Benson.
His adoption of a fixed form, the alexandrine sonnet, is offset by a refusal to impose upon himself any rhyme scheme, even if occasional rhymes spontaneously emerge.
2000 90m prod Quatre Par Quatre Films, p Luc Dery, Joseph Hillel, Josee Roberge, d/sc Philippe Falardeau, ph Josee Deshaies, ed Sophie Leblond, pd Andre-Line Beauparlant, s ed Sylvain Bellemare; with Paul Ahmarani, Stephane Demers, Genevieve Neron, Jules Philippe, Alexandrine Agostini, Marie-Andree Corneille.
No one has better rendered in English the beat of Homer's hexameter, which is to Greek verse what the Alexandrine is to French and blank verse is to English.
He was preceded in death by his wife, Marguerite; his brothers: Leo and Armand and his sisters: Beatrice and Alexandrine.
Stephen Daley, of Gabalfa, Cardiff, paid pounds 170 for a cage and bird described as an Alexandrine parrot as an early 50th birthday present for wife Sheila after spotting a newspaper advert.
She looked as weak as a kitten as a two-year-old' she's a daughter of Alexandrine from the family of Last Second and Alleluia, and the extended family of Alborada, a distaff line that earned her a 180,000gns purchase price as a yearling' she looks sure to come into her own over longer distances' she is worthy of only a modest handicap mark on what she's achieved' and she's trained by a master of the placing game.