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(prosody) a line of verse that has six iambic feet

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A large population of wild ringnecks live in London, around the Hyde Park area, but the Alexandrine comes from as far away as Eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia and the Andaman Islands.
The larger Alexandrine species, though more friendly than the other parrots, are particularly noisy.
It will focus on her radical prosody--especially her violation of the alexandrine verse, advanced by Ruben Dario (2)--and the motifs of the princess-muse and the swan as these relate to the topic of silence or a concrete void.
Legions of pigeons were joined by a lost female Alexandrine Parakeet, thought to have escaped from a home near our Fort Dunlop headquarters.
Son enfance alexandrine l'avait rapproche de mon pere, alexandrin lui aussi, et il retrouvait cette part de sa jeunesse et de sa nostalgie dans notre maison.
It was the spoken dialogue, which director Krzysztof Warlikowski chose to rewrite to replace the original Alexandrine text, that became a dooming factor.
25) reflete cette limite, car elle n'offre qu'un eventail fort etroit des etudes consacrees au roman de Wauquelin pour privilegier quelques travaux du plus grand interet, mais a la teneur parfois generale sur la geste alexandrine.
In the first chapter, for example, Cornulier provides a provocative reading of Rimbaud's sonnet, "Morts de Quatre-vingt douze et de Quatre vingt treize," that suggests a particularly Subversive placement of the caesura in the line "Morts de Valmy, Morts de / Fleurus, Morts d'Italie," By counting it as a 6-6 rather than the long-assumed 4-4-4, Cornulier ascribes to Rimbaud the rare Alexandrine in which the caesura falls not only on a monosyllabic preposition (de) but on a particularly unstable one at that.
She was born in Dudley, daughter of the late Anthony and Alexandrine (Landry) Ledoux and lived in Dudley all her life.
The chapter on gender issues, referring to Carol Adams's The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-vegetarian Critical Theory [1990], hints at opportunities for future work as it explores the prominence of women in the general vegetarian movement and traces the brief heyday of the Women's Vegetarian Union, led by Alexandrine and Adrienne Veigele.
That he chose the alexandrine (a twelve-syllable line) in place of the Latin hexameter (with its six metrical feet), and in rhyming couplets at that, initially seems quirky.
It is a hand written document, a first hand account written by Alexandrine, a girl of her own age, who acted as companion to the young dauphin, Louis Charles, during the bloodiest days of the revolution.
The novel tells of two girls, C21 American Andi and C18 Parisiennne Alexandrine.
In Paris, Andi is given an old guitar wich contains diary that belonged to Alexandrine Paradis, daughter of a family of entertainers.
The species in the enclosure include the kingfisher, the rose-ringed parakeet, the red whiskered bulbul, babbler, red vented, the white browed bulbul, Alexandrine parakeet, common mynah, hoope, rock pigeon, blue lovebirds, budgerigars, and partridges apart from scores of peacocks and parrots.