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a resident or native of Alexandria (especially Alexandria in Egypt)

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The fair allowed some young Alexandrian independent artists to introduce their amateur musical bands to the audience, one of the secrets of the Cairo Book Fair's great popularity from the very beginning,'' founder of Alexandria Media Forum Ahmed Esmat said.
Youssef has shared the revolutionary dream with Mahinour and the rest of the Alexandrian activists and participated with them in the protests against the regime.
Elements and Uniform Parts i7i Early Alexandrian Medicine, DAVID LEITH
Goren was one of the first when he wrote Alexandrian Summer, which was originally published in Hebrew in 1978.
Yitzhak Gormezano Goren and Yardenne Greenspan (translator); ALEXANDRIAN SUMMER; New Vessel Press (Fiction: Translations) 15.
com/)--"A Trans-Inclusive, Intersectional, Sex-Positive Health & Healing Blog by & for Women and Femmes of Color of all Genders"--is run by Danielle Stevens & Annie Alexandrian, who explain, "Our blog title is grounded in and modeled after the anthology This Bridge Called My Back, in honor of the women and femme ancestors and healers of color whose narratives, wisdoms, and truths serve as blueprints for our liberation and movements towards freedom; who breathe resistance and survival through their bones, allowing us to live through their audacity to reclaim their livelihood, our livelihood.
is a pick for any scholarly Christian collection and provides the first completely fresh English translation of the commentary of Cyril of Alexandria one of the most eloquent of the Alexandrian theologists in the year 300.
A recent ruling of an Alexandrian administrative court obliging the Alexandria University President to determine a minimum wage for university employees has shed light on the issue of determining a minimum and maximum wage for civil servants, which has so far remained, for no explicable reason, mere ink on paper.
Virgil appropriates Homer in all his works but reinvigorates the epic form with allusions to Alexandrian poets; Theocritus; Callimachus; Apollonius of Rhodes; Attic tragedians; annalistic poets such as Naevius and Ennius; neoteric poets Catullus and Cinna; as well as members of his own poetic coterie, like the elegist Gallus.
As Franz observed in his remarks at ACRL, "If you took all the librarians with all their specialized degrees and brought them together, it would almost be Alexandrian.
Watts discusses these episodes as, in part, the result of very traditional tensions between the followers of rival teachers of philosophy and rhetoric in the ancient and late ancient world, and in part as the result of an evolving set of discursive possibilities for the fashioning of episcopal selves among a succession of Alexandrian bishops over the course of more than a century and a half, from the reign of Alexander (313-328) and Athanasius (328-373) to that of Peter Mongus (477-490).
One was the Alexandrian scholars of the third and second centuries who endeavored to establish the true text of Homer and its literal meaning.
Vintage Alexandria by Michael Haag (The American University in Cairo Press) Priced: pounds 35 Michael Haag's delectable photographs of old Alexandria take us back in time to this remarkable city in its pre-war days when poets and writers such as E M Forster bustled about its streets, when Constantin Cavafy produced astonishing poetry which reflected the decadence and exoticism of Alexandria where he lived and where Lawrence Durrell at the same time was chasing skirt like crazy while scribbling that 1950s literary shocker: The Alexandrian Quartet.
According to some reports, police used violence to disperse protestors on the Alexandrian corniche Friday.