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French writer remembered for his swashbuckling historical tales (1802-1870)


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This book examines the historical, cultural, and social significance of French author Alexandre Dumas, particularly in relation to national identity and ethnic history, in the context of the French Atlantic world.
The Lady of the Camellias is based on the novel of the same name by French author and playwright Alexandre Dumas. The novel was first published in 1848 and was later adapted by Dumas for the stage.
In the novel "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas, Richelieu was portrayed as a crafty villain in the king's circle, a clever politician and tactician.
Admittedly the eponymous characters are a little forgettable, but Marc Warren is having a great time as the bad guy It doesn't hurt that the ever reliable Colin Salmon pops up this week (with his best Spanish accent) as a general who makes a deal with Alexandre Dumas' legendary heroes.
THE THREE MUSKETEERS (FILM4, Tuesday T , 9uesday, 9 uesday pm) A STEAMPUNK reworkNK rework-rework-ing of the Alexandre Dumas' classic swashbuckler.
The 10-part series, based on the Alexandre Dumas novel The Three Musketeers, stars new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi as well as Skins actor Luke Pasqualino.
Born a peasant, Duplessis survived an abusive childhood to preside over her own salon of aristocrats, politicians, artists, composers, and celebrated writers including composer Franz Liszt, writer Charles Dickens, and most notably writer Alexandre Dumas, whose novel (based on his own love affair with her) spawned plays and operas that are still performed today.
The Black Musketeer: Reevaluating Alexandre Dumas within the Francophone World.
THE TOPIC: Alexandre Dumas claimed to have found the model for the hero of The Count of Monte Cristo in police archives, but Reiss argues that the novelist's inspiration was, in fact, the novelist's own father, Thomas-Alexandre ("Alex") Dumas.
This Campfire Classics graphic novel tells the classic tale of revenge written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844.
The Upper East Side author, 48, recently told a New School journalism class about his compulsion to resurrect the life story of an unknown soldier, General Alex Dumas, whose swashbuckling escapades inform his son Alexandre Dumas's novels.
So said French writer Alexandre Dumas and that must have been how Borussia Dortmund's fans felt watching their team during Wednesday's 1-1 draw at Manchester City.
Stephanie Langella, Southboro resident and graduating senior at Algonquin Regional High School, wrote to Alexandre Dumas about "The Three Musketeers"; she received Honors in Level 3, the high school competition.
THE Three Musketeers is the latest rollicking film version of the classic Alexandre Dumas tale of loyalty and honour.
The couple, who met on movie sets in 2003, is working on a family-friendly remake of Alexandre Dumas's classic novel 'Three Musketeers' which is due to release this month.