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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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Alexandre is also in negotiations to screen his feature documentary "Sex, Drugs, Design: Warriors of the Discotheque" about the legendary Starck Club in Dallas, TX.
To suspend the Arsenal FC player Alexandre Lacazette for two (2) Uefa competition matches for which he would be otherwise eligible for serious rough play," Uefa's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body decided on Tuesday.
Alexandre Laverez (1st from left, seated) finished second in the Evolution Championship Series: Japan Tekken 7 tournament held in Fukuoka, Japan.
Deciding whether the little boy is Alexandre Riel or Joseph Zastre could be based on making a judgment as to whether he appears to be closer to eight years old (Alexandre) or closer to five years old (Joseph).
An exhibition of the famous Russian collector, fashion and art historian Alexandre Vassiliev solemnly opened at Heydar Aliyev Center on June 4.
For Laurent Alexandre, surgeon, graduate of France's National School of Administration (ENA), entrepreneur, futurologist and author of the recent book La Guerre des intelligences (The War of Intelligences), this isn't just a trend.
Build by founder of the Alexandre Roubtzoff Gallery Sief Chaouch, the Marsa EnchAaAaAeA?res is both an art gallery and an auction hous
Escrevendo neste livro a vida de Alexandre, rei da Macedonia, e de Cesar, que derrotou Pompeu, nao se fara outra introducao, em razao do grande numero de fatos importantes que concernem ao tema, a nao ser este pedido ao leitor: peco aos meus leitores que nao cometam a maldade de buscar nestes escritos todos os eventos celebres nem detidamente, posto que abreviamos a maior parte.
Summary: Alexandre Slim, one of the most prominent advertising CEOs in Lebanon, passed away Tuesday.
Anand Melwani and Alexandre Goulet of ARM Real Estate Group represented both parties in this transaction.
The least sinister of gore auteur Alexandre Aja's films by far, this film noir-esque adaptation of Liz Jensen's page-turner barely musters enough heat to qualify as a potboiler, though Jamie Dornan and Aaron Paul's involvement should give the overly predictable Summit Premiere release a second life on VOD following a short stint in theaters.