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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

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Also abandoned are HBO's plans to film an epic 10-part Alexander miniseries with Mel Gibson's Icon Productions.
Since Alexander lived in a pre-Christian world, some scholars argue that contemporary terms such as gay or bisexual are not even relevant.
A judge in Contra Costa County, where would-be adoptive parents Stacy and Mark Alexander live, ruled last year that it was in the girl's best interests to remain with them.
My husband and I are her mommy and daddy,'' said Stacy Alexander, a health care marketer.
It's too bad that the appellate panel is hung up on the letter of the law,'' said Mark Alexander, a painting company superintendent.
Set in "Accra, Ghana, in 1961, soon after independence" (She Talks 4), the plot deals with the forced separation of Suzanne Alexander, an American writer, from her physician/artist husband David, whom, it is feared, has been kidnapped or driven into hiding to protect his sick wife.
Intriguingly enough, a book by Frantz Fanon, the writer Suzanne's husband David is studying, is Black Skin, White Masks (Kennedy, The Dramatic Circle, in Alexander Plays 85).
Katharine Alexander practiced law for 25 years as a public defender for Santa Clara County and taught law courses for several years at San Jose State University.
Renaming the center honors Katharine and George Alexander and their commitment to social justice," he said.
Mark Hordes, partner in Alexander Consulting, said, "Selling professional services is different from selling products.
Mark Hordes, a partner with Alexander Consulting, is a well-recognized global professional services business consultant, business author, and advisor to senior executives.
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