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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

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Well, John,' said Alexander, 'the cablegram is sent in your name, and twenty words of answer paid.
Alexander followed, quaking inwardly, but with a steady face.
I do not see that I have much to gain in bringing back my elder brother,' returned Alexander, shrewdly.
Alexander listened attentively to what was said to him and, bending his head, smiled pleasantly.
said Alexander and took a few hasty steps toward Prince Kozlovski, the commander of the battalion.
the Emperor Alexander asked Koslovski, in Russian in a low voice.
Alexander went on, "it must have been a flash of the distrust I have come to feel whenever I meet any of the people who knew Bartley when he was a boy.
Alexander sat looking into the fire with intent preoccupation, and Wilson studied her half-averted face.
Alexander screened her face from the firelight, which was beginning to throw wavering bright spots on her dress and hair as the dusk deepened.
And the other two little boy pigs, Pigling Bland and Alexander, went to market.
Aunt Pettitoes turned to the other--"Now son Alexander take the hand"--"Wee, wee, wee
Pigling Bland listened gravely; Alexander was hopelessly volatile.
And, to cut the long story short, I have ventured to purchase for you as a little present the cat Alexander.
The fact is,' he has said, 'there is between her and Alexander a certain coolness.
When these things are remembered no one will marvel at the ease with which Alexander held the Empire of Asia, or at the difficulties which others have had to keep an acquisition, such as Pyrrhus and many more; this is not occasioned by the little or abundance of ability in the conqueror, but by the want of uniformity in the subject state.
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