Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

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German naturalist who explored Central and South America and provided a comprehensive description of the physical universe (1769-1859)

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The highly competitive nature of the fellowship can be measured from the fact that between 1953 and 2015, Alexander von Humboldt foundation has granted fellowships to 26,000 scholars from 140 countries, which means less than 3 fellows to every recipient country per year.
On an annual basis, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to 100 Humboldt Research Awards to renowned international academics around the globe in recognition of their academic record fundamental discoveries, new theories or insights, which have a significant impact on their research discipline.
The Alexander von Humboldt (Gesamtschule) in Asslar was built in the 70~s in reinforced concrete frame construction with curtain-washed concrete facade.
She said the German Research Funding Organizations include Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Stiftung Foundation), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German Research Foundation (DFG), Helmholtz Association, International Bureau of the BMBF, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society (MPG) etc.
This ship, formerly the Alexander von Humboldt, is joining Voyages of Discovery's fleet and sets out on December 4 - there are still berths available on the first 18-night sector to Barbados (from pounds 999 including return flight).
The winners receive prizes, including a fellowship to Germany with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
Instituto de Investigacion de Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt y Ministerio del Medio Ambiente, Bogota, Colombia.
Incidentally, none other than Alexander von Humboldt breaks down this Brazilian geographical nuance, though, as Cunha contends, "This explanation of Humboldt's, put forth as barely more than a brilliant hypothesis, has, however, a deeper significance" (RITE 41).
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, based in Bonn, Germany, promotes collaborations between German and non-German scientists and scholars.
Biologist Hal Caswell was given a 2010 Humboldt Research Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn, Germany.
Following this residency, he became an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellow studying Neuropathology at the University of Gottingen, Germany.
The Geodesic Mission also inspired future explorations of South America, particularly the journey of the great German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt.
Though (or perhaps precisely because) this translation by Chris Andrews is well polished, it's my favorite of Aira's writings, The story is of a painter (based on the German artist Johann Moritz Rugendas) who, invited by naturalist/ explorer Alexander von Humboldt to jovn an expedition through Latin America, suffers a horrific accident in the Argentinean pampas and finds his particular "holistic" vision of landscape painting radically altered.
MAKING WAY: The Malcolm Miller sails back up the Mersey to rejoin the action and, inset, The Alexander Von Humboldt VIEW: The Ferry landing stage full of people wanting to board to get a better view and, left, Nigel Green, Tall Ships organiser
The penguin is named after the cold water current it swims in, which itself is named after Alexander von Humboldt, an explorer.