Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

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German naturalist who explored Central and South America and provided a comprehensive description of the physical universe (1769-1859)

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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is unique in that it not only provides individual sponsorship for outstanding researchers but also integrates them into a world-spanning network of excellence for their entire lifetimes," the foundation states on its website.
The following analysis explores how the East German cultural apparatus supported the SED's systematic propagation of its wissenschaftliche Weltanschauung in part by using historical actors like Alexander von Humboldt as substitutes for traditional religious figures and their respective social functions.
Tambien esta el antecedente de que soy exalumna del Colegio Aleman Alexander von Humboldt, entonces Humboldt era una figura que estaba en mi entorno, y ademas micarrera siempre ha estado vinculada a la divulgacion de la ciencia.
This newly updated and expanded third addition of "The Handy Geography Answer Book" by Paul Tucci traces the history of geography from Eratosthenes and Alexander von Humboldt, to latitude and longitude, and the latest advances in the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Qaiser Mushtaq appreciated the cooperation extended by Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation to the university for promotion of research.
A scientific polymath of unusual stature, with insatiable curiosity and exuberant, dauntless wanderlust, Alexander von Humboldt, born into a wealthy Prussian family in 1789, was almost as well known as Napoleon during his lifetime.
Andrea Wulf triumphed in the Costa biography category for The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt, The Lost Hero of Science.
Helmuth fue hermano de Ernesto Wolfgang, reconocido por haber tenido una de las mejores colecciones de mariposas del pais, ahora depositada en el Instituto de Investigaciones Alexander von Humboldt, Villa de Leyva.
We thank the following institutions for assistance: Parque Nacionales Naturales de Colombia, Wildlife Conservation Society, Instituto de Investigacion de Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt and the Asociacion Red Colombiana de Reservas Naturales de la Sociedad Civil for supporting our project.
Murad Ali, Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Management Studies, University of Malakand has been awarded Germany's most competitive and highly prestigious Alexander Von Humboldt (AVH) postdoctoral fellowship, said a press release issued here on Thursday.
Summary: The award, given to researchers who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge work in the future, was conferred by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
The editors introduce the American Tropics--what Alexander von Humboldt, who has several cameos in this volume, often called "the Torrid Zone"--as "an area [that] has cultural and historical logics, which are based on--and inseparable from--a geographical or environmental logic" (p.
Shah was awarded the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship at the University of Heidelberg (Germany).