Alexander the Great

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king of Macedon


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'The monument of Alexander the Great in Jhelum, where the battle between Raja Porus and Alexander was fought, has also been identified for revival.
In this book, he looks beyond the life of Alexander the Great in order to examine the astonishing range of Alexanders created by generations of authors, historians, and artists throughout the world -- from Scotland to China.
In additions to scholarly receptions of Alexander the Great, contributors describe his appearance in such area as art history, military strategy, and popular culture.
While this might mirror the combined forces concept of Alexander the Great, he might have seen integration slightly differently.
The rally was staged in front of the statue of Alexander the Great where protestors waved Greek flags, held banners reading "There is only one Macedonia and it is Greek!" and chanted the national anthem.
The first Qatar Airways non-stop flight from Doha to Skopje touched down at Alexander the Great Airport on Monday.
This airline company will introduce flights and connect Skopje airport "Alexander the Great" to Munich airport "Franz Josef Straus" the main airport in this German city, as from October 31st, and fly twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays.
Since 2011, when the new terminal was opened, Alexander the Great Airport has received numerous awards.
"According to an inscription that was found in Shakhoora, Bahrain or Tylos was a command centre of the Hellenistic period, which started from the death of Alexander the Great in 323BC until the abolition of Ptolemaic Egypt in 63BC.
Continue reading "Ancient Mosaic Discovered in Israel May Depict Alexander the Great Meeting a Jewish Priest " at...
Rather, Amitay presents a frequently stimulating, textually informed, but methodologically problematic meditation on the traditions of Alexander the Great as son of the Greek hero Herakles (Hercules) and, almost as an afterthought, the impact those traditions might have had on early accounts of Jesus and claims that Jesus was of divine descent.
Cave explorers in Israel have uncovered a small trove of coins and jewellery from the time of Alexander the Great that archaeologists believe was hidden by refugees during an ancient war.
Call it "CSI: Alexander." For months, Greece has been trying to figure out whether Alexander the Great is buried in a huge 4th-century B.C.
Considerable mystery surrounds the disclosures about a vast tomb in Greece, built during the period of Alexander the Great, with archaeologists now claiming that they have found ancient remains of five people.
Details on the identity of the skeleton found in a massive tomb dating from the era of Alexander the Great in Greece are to be revealed in January, the Culture Ministry said last Friday.