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United States drama critic and journalist (1887-1943)


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The Letters of Alexander Woollcott (Alexander Woollcott); 20.
had been aired on the radio--along with "Another globe"--in the spring of 1939, when writer-journalist Alexander Woollcott told these jokes on a "Town Crier" broadcast he made in support of the Wagner-Rogers Bill about which congressional subcommittees were then conducting hearings.
Adams also wrote biographies of Daniel Webster (The Godlike Daniel, 1930) and Alexander Woollcott (1945).
That title probably rests safe with Charles Chapin, described by Alexander Woollcott as "the acrid martinet who used to issue falsetto and sadistic orders from a swivel chair" in the New York Evening World of the 1920s.
Others included are: Charles Anderson Page, James Creelman, David Graham Phillips, Richard Harding Davis, Herbert Bayard Swope, Floyd Gibbons, Alexander Woollcott, Damon Runyon, Grantland Rice, Waiter Winchell, Bob Considine, Ernst Hemingway, Anne O'Hare McCormick, Ernie Pyle, Meyer Berger and Marguerite Higgins.
Although the purveyors of interwar middlebrow culture that Rubin touches upon-the aforementioned, as well as Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Mortimer Adler, Alexander Woollcott, and Mark Van Doren-are, as Rubin notes, victims" of canon formation, they can also be seen as canonizers themselves.
His Father has become, said Alexander Woollcott, "a part of American lore and seems likely to remain as familiar a legendary figure as Mr.
In addition to the presentation of the award, a performance piece of Gertrude Stein's "Miss Furr and Miss Skeene" and a staged reading, "Celebrating Dorothy and Her Friends," created by local theatre artist Michael Kearns depicting the Algonquin Round Table in its glory days will feature a host of celebrities portraying Parker and her cronies including Robert Benchley, Alexander Woollcott, Harpo Marx, Tallulah Bankhead, George S.
I keep my father's letters from World War II in a 40-year-old plastic bag, with a small book of American prose and poetry edited by Alexander Woollcott and intended for "Members of the Armed Forces and the Merchant Marine.
Their circles were, unsurprisingly, intertwined: Both were extremely close to the critic Alexander Woollcott and to Lady Sibyl Colefax, the English society matron and collector of literary-names-to-drop, as well as (needless to say) the Lunts.
It is a delightful little book, with contributions from, among others, the writers Hugh Walpole and Arnold Bennett, the notoriously acerbic theatre critic and broadcaster Alexander Woollcott, and the playwright and screenwriter Samuel N.
THIS IS the first published biography of Charles Flandrau, a novelist, critic, and short story writer for the Saturday Evening Post, called "the best essayist in America" by New Yorker drama critic Alexander Woollcott in 1935.
Ernst Edwin Cheny/Overton Ron Frazier Louis Sullivan/ Otto Freundlich James Pickering George Bredelle/Grant/ William Brooks Torrey Hanson Riley/Reporter/Sheriff/ Stout Chris Mangels Eisner/Farmer/Reporter/ Farris Christopher Prentice Anna Wright/Grace Rose Pickering Catherine Wright/Britta/ Carolyn Brooks Kirsten Potter Mamah Cheney/ Ayn Rand Laura Gordon Julian Carlton/ Leelai Leon Addison Brown Daniel Burnham/ Alexander Woollcott Richard Halverson John Wright/ Wes Peters Andrew Morris Farmer's Wife/ Olgivanna Wright Angela Iannone
He was, like Alexander Woollcott, a great recycler.
Among them were Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, Heywood Broun, Robert Benchley, Robert Sherwood, George S.
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