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SPRAY DAY Craig Alexander Wilson wields the gun on Angela Duguid and, inset, Stephanie Jayne
William Duncan, his 16-year old nephew, pleaded to go and so it was that Alexander Wilson and William Duncan set out for Portpatrick.
Humans and nature construct one another," Alexander Wilson writes.
Alexander Wilson, aged 22, entered the candlelit hall and danced through the evening, an episode he recounted with evident delight in a letter to David Brodie.
FIRESTARTER Alexander Wilson used nail varnish remover to feed the flames as he torched a woman's home.
Alexander Wilson (below) died during an afternoon nap at his home in Chester on Wednesday afternoon.
Alexander Wilson Elementary School, Carry Railroad Crossing
In the end, John Craig's older sons settled an annual income on Meg, who moved with her son (by Alexander Wilson or John Craig?
CRAIG ALEXANDER WILSON Fast-acting products from Fake Bake will give you a quick, natural glow, says Craig Alexander Wilson, beauty says Craig Alexander Wilson, beauty editor of our sister paper editor of our sister paper the Sunday Mail.
The car firm's first factory started out as Alexander Wilson & Co in 1857, manufacturing machinery ranging from pumps to steam-power marine engines.
Illustrative Notes and Life of Wilson" in Alexander Wilson, American Ornithlogy, Charles Lucien Bonaparte, editor.
The Sunday Mail's beauty expert Craig Alexander Wilson has been honoured at a top awards show.
Thereafter, Clark Hunter in his 1983 book, The Life and Letters of Alexander Wilson, wrote the "school at Milestown, some 20 miles from Philadelphia, more or less on the road to Trenton and New York" (Hunter 1983:65).