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Pope and father of Cesare Borgia and Lucrezia Borgia (1431-1503)

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zeichnet die komplexe Konstellation des Fruhsommers 1497 nach, die wesentlich durch die politischen Verflechtungen zwischen dem Mailander Herzog Ludovico Sforza, Papst Alexander VI.
It was an infamous party held in the Papal Palace by debauched Cardinal Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI on October 30, 1501.
With the Papal Bull of 1493, Pope Alexander VI drew the roadmap to all the Trails of Tears when he gave the New World to Spain and sanctified a process that would take more than 12 million indigenous lives in the area of the United States alone-deaths caused not just by germs but by guns and deliberate starvation.
Inspired by Joan of Arc, she seized control of Castile and Le n in 1474 over her husband Ferdinand of Aragon, ending a 24-generation struggle between Muslims and Christians and forcing North African invaders back over the Mediterranean sea, while laying the foundation for a unified Spain and negotiating for Spanish control over much of the New World with the aid of Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI.
1492: | The infamous and corrupt Roderigo Borgia bribed enough cardinals to become Pope Alexander VI.
A Boris Becker B Jimmy Connors C Bjorn Borg D Arthur Ashe QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Which Oscar-winning actor played Pope Alexander VI in the 2011-13 TV series The Borgias?
Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia is elected Pope Alexander VI and embarks on the consolidation and expansion of his power through ruthless ambition, political subterfuge and his four children.
In the course of teaching church history in a seminary, I have more than once witnessed a collective blush as we cover the foibles of the 18-year-old Pope John XII or the infamous Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI.
In 1502, Pope Alexander VI confirmed John's son Manuel I as the Lord of the Conquest, Navigation and Commerce of India, Ethiopia, Arabia, and Persia, a grand title to fit his grandiose schemes of outdoing his father in making Portugal outshine Italy in Renaissance splendour.
After Columbus's 1492 "discovery" of the New World, Pope Alexander VI faced a dilemma.
Born as Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI is a subject of fascination for historians and critics of the church alike.
In the version for Henry VII, for example, there are references to Perkin Warbeck's rebellion and the gift of a sword and Cap of Maintenance sent by Pope Alexander VI.
There is also a 15th-century edict from pope Alexander VI on carving up the New World between Spain and Portugal after Columbus's discovery of America, as well as a secret code he used when he was besieged by French troops.
15 said: "To Iran's theocracy and Assad, the Arab Spring excludes the axis regimes, a view not much different from the way Pope Alexander VI (Borgia) thought of the world outside his own Vatican".