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Russian poet (1799-1837)

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Alexander Pushkin, greatest of the Russian 19th century novelists, gets the last word with a quote from Eugene Onegin: "Sad that our finest aspirations, Our freshest dreams and meditations, In swift succession should decay, Like autumn leaves that rot away".
Alexander Pushkin in his 1836 poem Exegi Monumentum called the Evenki the 'wild Tungus,' and were classified as a 'wandering' tribe in the Speransky administrative reforms of 1822.
Originally from Jammu in India-administered Kashmir, Kachroo got his first name from his father's favorite poet, Alexander Pushkin, and grew up in a family of professors.
It was her first TV show, and the opera was Tchaikovsky's "The Queen of Spades," based on a story by Alexander Pushkin.
Since the State Publishing House had a monopoly over the preparation and distribution of literary classics in Soviet Russia, only its directors had the authority to decide whether to issue a new edition of the works of Alexander Pushkin.
And in that respect among others it is wholly inferior to the classic Russian narrative poem by Alexander Pushkin, written mostly during the 1820s, on which it is based, a work so multilayered that it reveals many fresh facets on revisiting.
10 Which famous Russian poet wrote The Prisoner of the Caucasus: Alexander Pushkin or Boris Pasternak?
Eugene Onegin is a romantic opera based on a story by Russian author Alexander Pushkin and is set in 19th century St Petersburg.
The remarks came during a state award-granting ceremony for foreign nationals held in Moscow to grant the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin medal.
The article appeared in the mass market Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid last weekend and was about Alexander Pushkin, her favourite poet.
In Perm, Pestov was one of the first pupils of Alexander Pushkin.
The Russian delegation presented a statute of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin to the university of Baghdad as a sign of mutual cooperation.
ALEXANDER Pushkin was one of Russia's greatest writers.
Florez Arcila es autor y traductor del libro Alexander Pushkin.
Alexander Pushkin wasn't able to revise his mock-epic Ruslan and Lyudmila as composer Mikhail Glinka requested because the poet was killed in a duel occasioned by allegations of his wife's infidelity.