Church of the Brethren

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a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent

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To argue for Philadelphian influence on Brethren ecclesiology, Meier attempts to distance the Brethren from Anabaptism by contrasting the ways in which Menno Simons and Alexander Mack appropriate the example of the early church.
Though who performed the first baptism was kept secret, Alexander Mack was the instigator of the movement and its main influence.
Bowman supplies a sketch of the early years of the Brethren, from the Schwarzenau movement of Alexander Mack, through the Ephrata episode under Conrad Beissel in Pennsylvania.
Alexander Mack, AGCS's Global Head of Claims, says, "Service in the event of a claim is the true test of our business.
Thus, Hochmann concluded that Alexander Mack's Brethren, for whom adult baptism and feetwashing had become important, grew too concerned with specifics, and although many of the Brethren had been Hochmann's followers, cordial relations between Mack and Hochmann ended.