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Canadian explorer (born in England) who explored the Mackenzie River and who was first to cross North America by land north of Mexico (1764-1820)


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87) notes in passing that Bear Rock "is a sacred place to the Sahtu," and immediately moves on to an account of Alexander Mackenzie's journey up the Mackenzie River.
Inspired by the song "Northwest Passage" composed by the legendary Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers in 1981, artist Matt James has documented and illustrated not only the Arctic expeditions from the past, but also the road trip taken by Rogers, who sought to acquire a deeper understanding of the grueling odysseys experienced by renowned explorers such as Henry Kelsey, Alexander Mackenzie and David Thompson.
Alexander Mackenzie, aged 21 and Angela Bate, also 21, who are from Seaham, both died at the scene.
Each September they flew four hours from their home in Tuktoyuktuk, N.W.T., to Inuvik, where they studied at Sir Alexander Mackenzie Day School and stayed at the hostel until June.
The abstract artists of the mid 20th Century transformed approaches to landscape painting and Oldham has a fine collection of paintings from the 1960s by artists working in Cornwall, including Terry Frost, Alexander Mackenzie, Sandra Blow and Harry Ousey.
Additional products include deerskin purses and fringed gauntlets similar to those worn in pictures of the explorer Alexander MacKenzie in 1789.
"No, I came to save Alexander Mackenzie, not to bury him," Linda said.
Freed from grinding poverty and an oppressive religion, their hidden talents burst forth producing great scientists like Joseph Black, philosophers like David Hume, pioneering economists like Adam Smith, groundbreaking engineers like James Watt and Thomas Telford, world-class explorers like Alexander Mackenzie and Mungo Park, and geologists like James Hutton.
In 1789, Alexander Mackenzie set off down what would become the Mackenzie River, hoping to emerge at Cook Inlet in Alaska where he could hook into a route to the much sought-after Northwest Passage.
Then follow illustrated plates dealing with explorations by such men as Sir John Franklin, James Cook, Samuel Hearne, George Vancouver, Alexander Mackenzie, Sir John Barrow, and Sir John Ross.
Of our 22 prime ministers, 13 can claim Scottish heritage; over half the 36 Fathers of Confederation were Scottish Canadians; Scots explorers such as Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser crossed the continent and established settlements in the West; their countrymen such as George Simpson and Donald Smith ran the biggest companies and banks; Scots immigrants such as Sir John A.
In the April-May 2010 issue, the Musqueam Nation was mistakenly identified as the Cowichan Nation in a sidebar to the article "Saving David Thompson," while Prince Rupert was misidentified in the main story as the location where explorer Alexander Mackenzie famously reached the Pacific.
In Part 2, Tsilhqot'in interests collide with those of archaeologists, historians, and the area's pioneers regarding the bicentennial commemoration of the trail trod by Alexander MacKenzie in the late-eighteenth century.
Macdonald proposed building the now-famous transcontinental railroad, Liberal leader Alexander Mackenzie preferred a combination of rail and water routes to connect east and west.