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son of Alexander II who was czar of Russia (1845-1894)

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Legend has it that in 1263 in Scotland, Colin of Kintail, chief of the Clan Mackenzie, saved King Alexander III from being impaled by a charging stag, the only one among many in the King's party who acted in bravery.
420, establishing the Russian Museum of the Emperor Alexander III.
Engaged as a teenager to the czarevich (the Russian heir apparent) who dies suddenly, Maria is handed over to his brother, the gruff Alexander III. Luckily for her, dieir marriage is a devoted one.
The Dalmore means 'big meadow.' The 12-pointed stag head that is on every bottle of Dalmore, the caberfeidh (Gaelic for stag's antlers), was a gift from King Alexander III of Scotland.
Whereas the Bolshevik leaders tore down monuments to the czars, Putin has built massive monuments to Vladimir the Great in Moscow and Alexander III in Crimea.
Alexander I reigned from 1107 to 1124, Alexander II from 1214 to 1249 and Alexander III followed him from 1249 to 1286.
Tsar Alexander III began the trend when he first got goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge to make one for his wife.
In 1909 one of his rare monumental bronzes, an equestrian statue of Alexander III, was unveiled in St Petersburg and caused much debate since no effort had been made to disguise the late tsar's corpulent frame.
Greece has opposed the name ever since, saying its region has been named Macedonia since Alexander the Great - also known as Alexander III of Macedon - ruled from 336 BC, the report said.
The latter was once concealed at the centre of the so-called Diamond Trellis Egg, commissioned by Czar Alexander III as a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna, in 1892.
As a youth, he was at the Winter Palace when Alexander III arrived to take the place of his assassinated father.
Alexander III of Russia once stated famously that Russia has only two allies: the army and the navy.
The revolutionaries, who included future Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin's older brother Aleksandr Ulyanov (1866-87), planned to mark the anniversary of Alexander II's death by blowing up Tsar Alexander III (1845-94) and his family as they went to a commemorative service.
6 Over time Easter eggs became more and more elaborately decorated, most famously by Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge, creator of the priceless Faberge eggs as Easter gifts for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II.