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United States sculptor who first created mobiles and stabiles (1898-1976)


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During this time frame, we discussed the work of Alexander Calder.
A prized poster of the 1976 Alexander Calder retrospective at New York's Whitney Museum hangs in the guest bedroom.
But first, students learned more about Alexander Calder and his mobiles by doing an Internet search.
This performance was the culminating activity for the study and comparison of two different artists: Edgar Degas and Alexander Calder.
There, he is most often remembered as an artist whose work united the aesthetic traditions of East and West, borrowing the "natural" forms of Zen gardens, or creating vaguely anthropomorphic sculptures reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth, and even Alexander Calder.
People have become used to seeing this kind of sculpture in their homes and in the city centers, thanks to the efforts of Alexander Calder and the other Constructivist artists who went before him.
Highlights include solo shows of the artwork of Joseph Beuys, Alexander Calder and Robert Indiana.
Following a slide lecture on the works of Alexander Calder and Naum Gabo, the students worked with paper or poster board to solve the problem of creating three-dimensional space using two-dimensional planes.
For the first time in the 39-year history of the "Oscars of the Publishing Industry," Esquire magazine had multiple wins with four "Ellies" (named after the Alexander Calder Stabile "Elephant," which is ASME's symbol of the award).
Two of the twentieth century's great lyrical poets of form in space, American Alexander Calder and Spaniard Joan Miro shared more than aesthetic sensibility--they also had a friendship spanning some fifty years.
At various times during his life, Alexander Calder worked as a sculptor, painter, illustrator, designer and printmaker, but he is best known as a metal sculptor.
Searching for a link between art and motor sports, he commissioned his friend, famed sculptor Alexander Calder, to complete a painting on the BMW 3.
Part I (60 frames) introduces students to the concepts of mobile art with particular emphasis on the important contributions of Alexander Calder and other major artists who worked within this art form.
The 20 winners will receive the coveted "Ellie" (named after the Alexander Calder Stabile "Elephant"), ASME's symbol of the award.