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Russian composer (1833-1887)

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40 (violin and piano arrangement) Alexander Borodin - String Quartet No.
With delightfully romantic, charming music inspired by Russian composer Alexander Borodin, Kismet is an enchanting story about the life journey of a devoted father and his daughter.
Bartok, Hector Berlioz, Leonard Bernstein, Georges Bizet, Arthur Bliss, Alexander Borodin, Pierre Boulez, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten and William Byrd.
The proposed team was drawn from the so-called "Mighty Handful" group of nationalist composers - Modest Mussorgsky, CAsar Cui, Alexander Borodin and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
1 by Tchaikovsky; "Stranger in Paradise" is from "Kismet," a Broadway show and movie with a score adapted from the music of Alexander Borodin.
Prince Igor (1890), the first item in repertory, the only opera by Alexander Borodin, full-time chemist and part-time composer, was left unfinished by him.
Alexander Borodin, a chemist by profession, died having written only sketches for the opera Prince Igor, but fellow composers Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov brought about a performance version and we were treated to its clean, tuneful and energetic overture as the concert opener.
The music included pieces by Alexander Borodin, Georgi Sviridov, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky, including from "Swan Lake'' and "The Nutcracker.
Like all the music in that show, the melody was taken from music composed by Alexander Borodin, in this case, the Gliding Dance of the Maidens, from the Polovtsian Dances.