Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok

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Russian poet (1880-1921)

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(12) Alexander Blok (1880-1921) is one of the most celebrated Russian poets of the twentieth century.
His early and late piano trios flank the seven romances on Poems of Alexander Blok sung by Susan Gritton.
In addition, a book from the University of Wisconsin Press (978-0-299-22950-4), which is part of their Slavic Studies series, is Beyond the Flesh: Alexander Blok, Zinaida Gippius, and the Symbolist Sublimation of Sex.
Alexander Blok followed Briusov's example in his 1907 poem "Cleopatra," though he finds a subtler way to place Cleopatra together with a modern poet.
There were two official husbands, countless affairs, an ungrateful child, proteges like Joseph Brodsky, and lovers like Amedeo Modigliani and maybe Isaiah Berlin--though not, we are told, either Alexander Blok or Osip Mandelstam.
Three songs have vocals and A Light That Never Dies has actor Ralph Fiennes lending his voice to a poem by Russian Symbolist Alexander Blok. Burnt By The Sun is sung by Richard Hawley and gorgeous ballad Lazurus features our own KT Tunstall Avril Cadden
Terming their paradoxical poetics of mystical idealism and ambiguous eroticism "decadent utopianism," she explores this theme in the works of Lev Tolstoy, Vladimir Solov'ev, Alexander Blok, Zinaida Gippius, and Vasilii Rozanov.
Soprano Charlotte Riedijk joins the instrumentalists for Shostakovich's Seven Romances after poems by Alexander Blok (Adrian Boult Hall, 7.30pm; details on 0121 303 2323).
Gosha Kutsenko has an eye-catching cameo as the poet Alexander Blok.
In his poem 'The Scythians', Alexander Blok vividly identifies the nature of the new divide between Eastern and Western civilisations.
In an irresistible performance as the uninhibited Symbolist poet Alexander Blok, Bela melded the comic agility of a Jim Carrey or a Kevin Kline with the gravitas of, say, a Denzel Washington.