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United States inventor (born in Scotland) of the telephone (1847-1922)

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Located at 1851 Alexander Bell Drive, the 3,115-square-foot office is expected to eventually house approximately 25 MANDIANT software engineers and product development staff, offering easier commuting access and a rewarding career experience.
Or newspaper columns go live to heaven to see how telly inventor John Logie Baird and phone pioneer Alexander Bell are reacting to the benefits their life's work gave to mankind.
One such mother is Ellen Bell, who brought flowers and a giant teddy bear in a sailor hat to the grave of her son, Theodore Alexander Bell.
If it wasn't for the Scottish then we would not have had people like Alexander Bell, and all of the contributions of the Welsh and Irish,'' he said.
Alexander Bell, aged 44, of Westmorland Road, Wyken, Coventry, destroying property to the value of pounds 80 and using threatening words or behaviour, conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay compensation of pounds 50.
Jamie Mathers, Alexander Bell, Aaron Hassall and Bilal Bashir had all pleaded guilty to attempted burglary at the house in Foxcote Drive.
Contact: Jesse Gardner Chief Financial Officer, Kelson Holdings 6700 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 360 Columbia MD 21046 Telephone: (443) 542-5120
Alexander Bell, aged 43, of Westmorland Road, Wyken, Coventry, conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, bound over for three months.
Standard Life Managing Director Alexander Bell adds: "Mutuality is clearly in the best interests of current and future policyholders.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (NYSE:OFC) has executed a 16,076 square foot lease, at 6724 Alexander Bell Drive, with Lurgi Lentjes North America, Inc.
Contact: Jesse Gardner Chief Financial Officer, Kelson Energy 6700 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 360 Columbia, MD 21046 Telephone: (443) 542-5120