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an archipelago in the North Pacific extending southwest from Alaska

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Aleutian Canada Goose (Branta canadensis leucopareia) Highlighting a successful 35-year conservation effort involving federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and private landowners, we officially recognized the recovery of the Aleutian Canada goose on March 20 by removing this bird from the list of threatened and endangered species.
Known for his good sense, geniality, and self-confidence, Kinkaid was particularly good at getting effective cooperation from army, navy, and Army Air Force units, notably in the Aleutians and the South Pacific; he was generally content to let his subordinate commanders carry out their tasks without interference.
Laughlin, who had worked for Ales Hrdlicka in the Aleutians in 1938, had assembled a multidisciplinary research team that included a number of students.
Boon served out the remainder of the war in the Aleutians.
His father Ed Walker was an Alaskan Scout with Castner's Cutthroats in the Aleutians, an island chain in the state, during the World War II and his mother Frances worked on the Alcan Highway project.
about 127 miles northwest of Attu Island near the far west end of the Aleutians.
Captain Jeff Wasley of Alaskan Eider Outfitters had urged me to come back after our adventure testing the new Benelli SB3 at his camp in the Aleutians at Cold Bay, and now I was even further north to test the gun on king eiders, the grand monarch of waterfowl.
The Aleutians define the southern boundary of the Arctic according to the U.
My ocean row across the North Pacific was thwarted by poor weather so I asked Justine if she had been serious about her previous offer to meet me in the Aleutians to kayak eastwards to the nearest road.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Shawwal 05, 1436, July 21, 2015, SPA -- The Alaska Volcano Observatory says underground activity is increasing at Cleveland Volcano in the Aleutians Islands, according to AP.
Justine and myself were part-way through a 101-day paddling expedition that had begun on the remote island of Adak, the westernmost inhabited island in the Aleutians.
Barren, windswept, and shrouded in perpetual fog, the Aleutians embody some of the harshest weather and most desolate terrain on the North American continent.
The City has a 30-acre industrial site at the base of the dock which can support freight transfer operations and serve as a staging area for shipping to and from the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutians, and Bristol Bay.
In Alaska, they historically occupied suitable habitat throughout most of the state including most of the larger islands in the Aleutians.
For example, the summaries omit any specific mention of Joe Rochefort's decryption of Japanese messages prior to Midway but comment that "the Americans correctly appreciated that Midway Island and the Aleutians would be the threatened areas.