Aleutian Islands

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an archipelago in the North Pacific extending southwest from Alaska

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Nasdaq:HEPH) today announced the presentation of results indicating that its investigational immune regulating hormone, HE2200, significantly increased survival in a mink model of experimental Aleutian disease virus (ADV), a preclinical model of fatal lupus nephritis.
Recently, 2 mink farmers with vascular disease and microangiopathy, similar to conditions in mink with Aleutian disease, were found to have AMDV-specific antibodies and were AMDV DNA positive, suggesting a potential relationship between AMDV and human symptoms (12).
The splenic and nodal plasmacytosis and plasmacytic glomerulonephritis also prompted testing for Aleutian disease virus (ADV).
Aleutian disease (AD) is known to produce clinical signs in mink and ferrets only (2,3), although other mammals have reportedly been antibody positive.
Evidence of restricted viral replication in adult mink infected with Aleutian disease of mink parvovirus.