Aleutian Islands

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an archipelago in the North Pacific extending southwest from Alaska

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Epibenthic invertebrates, such as sponges, corals, and bryozoans, are common in the Aleutian Islands (Malecha et al.
Distribution patterns and population trends of breeding seabirds in the Aleutian Islands.
These measures have been implemented for the largest fisheries off Alaska, including the Bering Sea pollock, Aleutian Islands Atka mackerel, Gulf of Alaska pollock, and Pacific cod fisheries.
The largest group--and the focus of the widest conservation efforts--is the northern sea otter (Enhydra lutris kenyoni), native to Alaska and the Pacific west coast from the Aleutian islands to northern Oregon.
When fur traders set arctic foxes loose on the Aleutian islands in the 1700s.
Besides exploring the United States' role in the Arctic air campaign, Wetterhahn also describes why the Japanese chose to strike at Dutch Harbor during the Midway campaign in 1942 and how US and Canadian troops drove the Japanese off the Aleutian Islands.
Alaska's Aleutian Islands are in the same time zone as what other state?
The Bering Sea is located--of the Aleutian Islands.
The largest area to be protected, off the Aleutian Islands, covers 279,000 square nautical miles, an expanse the size of Texas and Colorado combined.
The freezer longline Pacific cod fishery in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska this week gained the MSC accreditation.
When Iverson is not busy catering to guests' needs or doing maintenance on lodge facilities, he kayaks over to nearby Little Tutka Bay, where he is refurbishing Widgeon, an old World War II supply ship that ran cargo to the Aleutian Islands.
Bob Hunter, who died last week, sailed out in a rust bucket into the icy waters around Alaska to confront United States nuclear bomb testing where it happened - in the Aleutian Islands.
You hit sixty-five, we ship you to the Aleutian Islands and place you on an ice floe with matches and a pointy stick.
It was the 1946 Aleutian Islands earthquake and tsunami that struck Hawaii and killed more than 150 people that led to the establishment in Honolulu of the Pacific Tsunami Warning System in 1949.
At present, a network of six buoys is deployed by NOAA off the Aleutian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.