Aleutian Islands

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an archipelago in the North Pacific extending southwest from Alaska

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In Aleutian Island waters, prey groups that appeared to decrease in importance included worms (for example, polychaetes, Echiura) and small crustaceans (for example, amphipods and shrimp).
She explains that the US federal government, through the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and the State of Alaska, jointly manage the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab stocks, whereas the State of Alaska solely manages the Gulf of Alaska crab stocks.
Zooplankton distribution, abundance and biomass relative to water masses in eastern and central Aleutian Island passes.
9 earthquake struck deep under the ocean floor near Alaska's Aleutian Islands, triggering shaking felt over vast distances and setting off a small tsunami, the National Tsunami Warning Center said.
While he was at the remote Aleutian island town of Umnak from 1942 to 1943, Faber lived in a Quonset hut (above).
Shemya is located near the far western end of the Aleutian Island chain and is more than a five-hour flight from Anchorage.
We propose a model based on 1) variation in the intensity and predictability of sea urchin recruitment and 2) the dynamics of plant production and herbivory, to explain differences between the Aleutian Islands and southeast Alaska in recovery rates of kelp forests following the reestablishment of sea otters.
In the Aleutian Islands, however, the catch predominantly comes as bycatch in the Atka mackerel fishery, and most northern rockfish are discarded.
In April 2001, two dust storms from Mongolia's Gobi Desert passed over the Aleutian Islands to the Pacific Northwest, penetrating North America.
The first dawn breaking in the Pacific will kick off 2000 Today which will close with 1999's end in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.
Why not just cut to the chase and ship everybody who hits age sixty-five to the Aleutian Islands and set them out on ice floes armed with nothing more than blankets, matches, and pointy sticks?
Some of the organization's research activities are more dramatic, such as the 1986 trip to the Aleutian Islands.
Trailing off the Alaska peninsula like the tail of a comet, the Aleutian Islands slice 1,200 miles westward through the North Pacific until the last major island, Attu, tips the chain some 400 miles from the Russian coast.
TelAlaska and its family of companies provide telecom services throughout the state, from the Aleutian Islands to central Alaska.
Tenders are invited for 2015 Test-Fishery Harvest and Purchase of Eastern Aleutian Islands Golden King Crab