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Synonyms for Aleut

a member of the people inhabiting the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska

a community of Native Americans who speak an Eskimo-Aleut language and inhabit the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska

the language spoken by the Aleut

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Paul, one of Alaska's Pribilof Islands, and there encountered Aleut people who had endured serfdom for ever a century, first from the Russian-American Company and then by US companies and government agencies to harvest fur seals.
He lived with the Aleut people for over forty years, gaining and imparting much wisdom.
The Aleut people, poets and artists who lived in peaceful celebration of their land and sea, unfairly became targets of suspicion and were placed in internment camps by the U.S.
purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867, the Russian legacy remains imprinted on the Aleut people. Most families bear a Russian last name, like Merculief, Melividov, or Zacharov.
Seals were a big part of the lives of Aleut people in the far, far North.
Not long ago, she and several other young Aleut people joined Bruce Robson, a seal biologist from Seattle's National Marine Mammal Laboratory.