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Synonyms for Aleut

a member of the people inhabiting the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska

a community of Native Americans who speak an Eskimo-Aleut language and inhabit the Aleutian Islands and southwestern Alaska

the language spoken by the Aleut

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Aleutian Pribilof islands Association President/CEO Dimitri Philernonof has demonstrated his dedication and love by serving the Aleut People over the past 30 years.
Following this attack, the Aleut people on the island were involuntarily removed to locations in Southeast Alaska until their return in April 1945.
However, the local Aleut people have survived and are proud of their accomplishments.
The majority of King Cove residents are members of the Aleut peoples who have subsisted along this frontier for four millennia.
I have taught church leaders and mentored evangelists in many countries, including untouchables in India; Europe's untouchables, the Gypsies or Roma; Aleut peoples in Siberia; and those many tribes and tongues in Ethiopia.