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granular protein in outermost layer of endosperm of many seeds or cereal grains

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The contents of microelement in 7B were higher than that of 3B and 5B, which indicated the contents of microelement in bran were higher than that of endosperms and aleurone layers.
The rice grain has three parts -- the aleurone layer, the endosperm and the embryo.
Milling or processing strips the aleurone layer, and the grains contain fewer essential micronutrients.
Next are layers of bran, followed by the aleurone layer. Inside that is the starchy part of the kernel, called the endosperm, and finally, there is the embryo of the seed, or the wheat germ.
This was partly accounted for by its thicker pericarp and aleurone layer in pigmented rice, which was associated with the drop in total antioxidant capacity after 15s polishing.
Vein of gold[R] consists oldie most nutritious fraction of the wheat grain: the aleurone layer of the wheat kernel.
Cross-pollination events from Purendo-38 to recipient cultivars were identified by the expression of a light-blue pigment in the aleurone layer of putative [F.sub.1] seed.
But for pigmented rice, bran may need to be considered in its different component tissues which include the pericarp, the aleurone layer, sub-aleurone cells and the embryo.
Cross-pollination from blue-seeded to non-blue-seeded wheat is identified by the expression of a light-blue pigment in the triploid aleurone layer of [F.sub.1] seed.
Friabilins were only found in the endosperm of the grain, and not in the aleurone layer.