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Italian novelist and poet (1785-1873)


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On this subject, see Maurizio e Letizia Corgnati, Alessandro Manzoni, 'fattore' di Brusglio (Milano: Mursia, 1985).
14) Cesare CantO, Alessandro Manzoni, Reminiscenze (Milano:
20) Francesco Ruffini, La vita religiosa di Alessandro Manzoni, 2 voll.
Its boundaries are, roughly, Via Alessandro Manzoni (west), Via della Spiga (north), Corso Venezia (east), and Via Monte Napoleone (south).
The Chimera, 1993), is an examination of a seventeenth-century witchcraft trial in Lombardy, a historical period and locale also famously described by Alessandro Manzoni in I promessi sposi (1827).
Alessandro Manzoni, a nineteenth-century Italian novelist and favorite author of Pope Pius XI, captured the ethical problem of neutrality in his great novel The Betrothed.
I congratulate the Unigraphics Solutions team for its professionalism," says Alessandro Manzoni, deputy chairman of External Affairs for the Manzoni Group.
While treatments for iron deficiency anemia have been widely available for many years, the disease continues to place a significant burden on the everyday life of CKD patients worldwide, and its management should be tailored to appropriately address the clinical consequences of this debilitating condition," said Francesco Locatelli, Scientific Director, Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Alessandro Manzoni Hospital, Lecco, Italy.
In L'altro Manzoni (2008), a volume that synthesizes the findings of Anticritica dei "Promessi sposi" and II segreto di Alessandro Manzoni (2001), Spranzi omits any reference to the Storia.
The musical setting of the Roman Catholic funeral mass for four soloists, double choir and orchestra was composed in memory of Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni and was first performed in Milan in May 1874.
Verdi completed the Requiem as we know it in 1873, in honour of poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni.
At first glance, the two tragedies Alessandro Manzoni composed between 1816 and 1821 might not appear to be the most obvious candidates for translation into English.
As Alessandro Manzoni once did, she has chosen a plain, understated style to honor a person whom history forgot and custom consigned to silence.
The offending work in question was his setting of the Roman Catholic Mass for the Dead, the Requiem he wrote in memory of the great 19th-century Italian author Alessandro Manzoni in 1874, a work full of passion, fervour, anguish and, above all, a touchingly human awe in the face of death - all expressed in the most vivid musical terms.
A memorial to the Italian poet Alessandro Manzoni, the Requiem was first performed in 1874 and is Verdi's only large-scale work not intended for the opera stage.