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an airfoil that controls lateral motion

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29 March 2019 - UK-based project management and services company Management Resource Solutions plc (LSE: MRS) has agreed to acquire Alerion Consulting Ltd from its founder Elliott Talbott and others for a consideration of GBP 1.32m (USD 1.72m), the company said.
ART plans to initially sell Alerion Biomedical's products to the preclinical market.
As to whether L'Alerion is an important work, it is important because it is by Machaut, and for me also because it presents so unfamiliar and uninteresting a world.
Machaut's Dit de l'alerion now joins most of his other major poems in a Modern English translation, which will doubtless contribute to the current reassessment of this important and influential figure in later medieval French literature.
LONDON (Alliance News) - Management Resource Solutions PLC said Friday it is commissioning an independent legal review into shareholder concerns over "potential conflicts of interest" in the recent acquisition of Alerion Consulting Ltd.
R&D: In 2003, 5.6% of US health care spending went to biomedical research, according to a study by The Alerion Institute published in the September 21 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
Existing PhishLabs investor Alerion Ventures also contributed to the investment.