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paralysis of the vocal cords resulting in an inability to speak

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The gold medal race in the said division boiled down to the final round, in which Aleria defeated Kyle Johann Ylanan of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental to eventually walk away with the top prize
They ordered 15 sets of explosives worth P18,000 per set or a total of P270,000 from Feliz Aleria.
The ticket price includes a look around the remains of the ancient town of Aleria, built between the first and second century BC, with parts of the forum, shops, temples and baths visible following excavation.
"We had never seen anything like this before," says Aleria Jensen, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) marine mammal stranding coordinator in Alaska.
Ello trae consigo el que en Europa, el obispo de Aleria Juan Andrea dei Bussi y sus seguidores humanistas, inventasen el termino <<Edad Media>> que endosan tanto a cristianos como judios y musulmanes, siendo asi que solamente es aplicable (y con grandes reservas) a Europa pues el concepto de <<Media>> supone un espacio entre dos apoteosis: la Greco-latina y la Renacentista que recupera a aquella.
He likewise puts himself at the end of an exalted tradition when he writes: 'Conjectural criticism has been of great use in the learned world; nor is it my intention to depreciate a study, that has exercised so many mighty minds, from the revival of learning to our own age, from the Bishop of Aleria to English Bentley' (Johnson on Shakespeare, VII, 109-10).
The authors wish to acknowledge the assistance of John Foley, Kate Howe, Aleria Jensen, Emily Mugnolo, Lindsay Powers, Amy Ramquist, Mark Ruebel, Megan Tyrrell and Scott Villinski.
Romel Aleria who has been detained in Vietnam since 2016 for alleged illegal cross-border transfer of goods.