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Synonyms for allergy

dislike of


  • dislike of
  • hatred of
  • hostility to or towards
  • aversion to
  • loathing of
  • disgust of
  • antipathy towards
  • animosity towards
  • displeasure of
  • antagonism towards
  • distaste of
  • enmity towards
  • opposition towards
  • repugnance of
  • disinclination towards

Synonyms for allergy

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The new offerings include a line of sports nutrition products; natural O-T-Cs for relieving sinus and alergy conditions; homeopathic O-T-Cs marketed under the Medicine From Nature label; dietary supplements; and a wide range of single and combination herbs.
The Snapshots report gives an instant overview of the Australian OTC pharmaceutical market and covers cough, cold and nasal alergy, dermatology, analgesics, gastrointestinal, vitamins & minerals, infant formulas, smoking cessation, musculo- skeletal system, ophthalmologicals, slimming preparations and others.