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  • noun

Synonyms for allergy

dislike of


  • dislike of
  • hatred of
  • hostility to or towards
  • aversion to
  • loathing of
  • disgust of
  • antipathy towards
  • animosity towards
  • displeasure of
  • antagonism towards
  • distaste of
  • enmity towards
  • opposition towards
  • repugnance of
  • disinclination towards
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Synonyms for allergy

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Child Adolescent Health Risk Profile Name: -- Date of Birth/Age: -- Male: -- Female: -- MR# or SS#: -- Ethnicity: -- Medications: -- Old Records: -- Alergies -- Smoker: -- ETS: -- Date: -- Screening Annual Assessment of Risk Factors Couseling Provided 1.
Her therapist believed that her alergies could be linked to her emotions and told Helen that all the stresses she was keeping stored up inside her were affecting her wellbeing.