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a city in northwestern Syria

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The Syrian military's ( steady advance against opposition forces in Aleppo, Syria's largest city and commercial capital prior to the war, was met with mixed reactions by Syrians in the city.
Aleppo, Syria's most populous city before the war, has for years been split between a government-held western sector and the rebel-held east, which the army and its allies managed to put under siege this summer.
The northern city of Aleppo, Syria's largest and its former commercial center, has seen particularly fierce fighting as pro-government forces try to capture neighborhoods in besieged opposition-held parts of the city.
For the dignity of the human being" -The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby (pictured), on the slaughter in Aleppo, Syria.
The men were then "flogged, raped and murdered" on a death march through the desert to prison camps in Aleppo, Syria.
President Bashar Assad, who is backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, wants to recapture all of Aleppo, Syria's biggest city before the five-year-old conflict.
Ahmad Gholami, who had served as a senior Revolutionary Guards commander in the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s, died on Tuesday "while fighting the takfiri terrorists in Aleppo, Syria," said the Fars news agency, which is close to the Guards.
Aleppo, Syria's largest province and once a thriving economic metropolis, has witnessed intensified violent battles lately as both the Syrian government troops and the opposition fighters have stepped up their game in the hope of achieving more gains in that key province.
innocent victim Bloodied Omran Dagneesh sits stunned in an ambulance in Aleppo, Syria
19 (Petra) -- The Arab Parliament, on Friday, shouldered the international community the responsibility of the crimes against humanity in Aleppo, Syria.
AMMAN, JORDAN * Only a small number of civilians in Aleppo, Syria, are using humanitarian corridors to flee weeks of intensive bombardment; activists say people do not trust that the routes are safe.
7, JFaS and Ahrar al-Sham (AaS) declared "victory" as their alliance took areas forming the most strategic access to Aleppo, Syria's largest city close to the border with Turkey.
Russia's Defense Ministry announced late on Wednesday that a 48-hour regime of silence has been imposed in Aleppo, Syria's largest city, in order to stabilize the situation.
A new Kurdish rebel group has formed in northern Aleppo, Syria: the Kurd Rebels Brigades (Kataeb Thuwar al Kurd in Arabic).
The International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (or ICARDA) had stored seeds of 135,000 different varieties of crops such as wheat, fava beans, lentils, and barley in Aleppo, Syria. The city of Aleppo is now under the control of ISIS militants (we had written about the war in Syria here), and all staff have fled the area.