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a city in northwestern Syria

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AMMAN, JORDAN * Only a small number of civilians in Aleppo, Syria, are using humanitarian corridors to flee weeks of intensive bombardment; activists say people do not trust that the routes are safe.
Ms Mueller was kidnapped while working in Aleppo, Syria, in August 2013.
In Aleppo, Syria, the Armenian Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Pity was bombed on January 9, 2014 about 5:30 a.
In 1901, in Ottoman Jerusalem, members of the wealthy Ades family funded the construction of a synagogue for Jews who had moved to the city from Aleppo, Syria.
Based on Matti Friedman's independent research, documents kept secret for 50 years, and personal interviews with key players, the book proposes a new theory of what happened when the codex left Aleppo, Syria, in the late 1940s and eventually surfaced in Jerusalem, mysteriously incomplete.
Obama, humanity is not an election promise," is the message from the citizens of Aleppo, Syria, to the American president after his shock announcement that he will seek Congressional approval for military action against Bashar Assad's regime.
Fighters from the Free Syrian Army target one of the bastions of the regime's forces in Aleppo, Syria
Joe Tokatly, who was born in Aleppo, Syria and immigrated to the U.
By Marc Burleigh (AFP) -- ALEPPO, Syria -- Rebels bogged down in Syria's former commercial hub of Aleppo are waging an assault on regime forces defending its international airport, seeing it as the key to seizing the whole city.
Summary: A new video filmed in Aleppo, Syria appears to show rebel fighters preparing for battle against Bashar al-Assad's government forces.
This image purports to show a wounded child being evacuated in Aleppo, Syria.
A cargo plane that took off from Tehran, Iran and was destined for Aleppo, Syria and that was claimed to be carrying military equipment, was asked to land at the Diyarbakir Airport.
Praised by Torah scholars for centuries after its writing, the Crown passed through history until the 15th century, when it was housed in the Great Synagogue of Aleppo, Syria.
BAHRAIN Olympic Committee (BOC) first vice-president Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa yesterday conveyed the congratulations of Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and BOC president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa to Bahrain's national athletics team for their superb performance at the recently concluded West Asian Athletics Championships in Aleppo, Syria.
Abbas was named the "best athlete" at the West Asian Athletics Championships that concluded last weekend in Aleppo, Syria.