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an obsolete kind of container used for distillation

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These objects - a spearhead, a drop-shaped alembic, small vases - have comprised his sculptural repertoire since the early '80s.
post-prandial drink that offers Chardonnay fruit, the complexity of Limousin oak, and nuances from the alembic still from Robert Prulho of France via Sergio Traverso.
Raki is traditionally produced by twice-distilling either pure suma or suma which was mixed with ethanol in traditional copper alembics and flavoring with aniseed subsequently.Raki, which is considered as Turkey's national drink, is generally consumed by mixing with chilled water.
Viola's videos are abyssal alembics: all kinds of images are chaotically thrown together, tumbling abstractly in their incommensurateness vet bound by their common character of catastrophe.
The elements merge in an alchemic abyss: the alembic of the camera, handheld and therefore personal, motivated - dramatically moved - by eccentric impulsivity and curiosity.
A copper alembic column still is used for steam distillation.