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Russian poet (1799-1837)

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Sylvie Vachoin, president and CEO of the Port of Montreal, said: "Like probably thousands of Quebecers, I have family members who had the chance to travel on the Aleksandr Pushkin.
Mikhail Gasparov's comments on the relationship between the real-life Aleksandr Pushkin and the Pushkin institution: "Sections devoted to the writer's Nachleben [legacy], 'Pushkin through the Ages,' are a traditional component of the history of literature, but they are usually provided as appendages [doveski] of chapters about Pushkin, whereas they should be appendages of chapters about the ages.
Fomenko" Theater in Moscow, with the prestigious state decoration, the Medal of Aleksandr Pushkin, in recognition of their personal contribution to development of Russian-Macedonian cooperation and promotion of Russian culture in the world.
The writer as the recipient of the enduring esteem and affection of the public fit comfortably into the tradition of such 19th-century predecessors as Aleksandr Pushkin, Adam Mickiewicz, and Sandor Petofi.
Nikolai Gogol often expressed his admiration of Polish literature, and Aleksandr Pushkin and Adam Mickiewicz were acquainted with and influenced by each other.
Quotes Aidan O'Brien, trainer of Mountain and Aleksandr Pushkin "Mountain was very green first time at Navan, and even when he won there on his next start he still looked green.
Screenplay, Galina Arbuzova, Stanislav Govorukhin, Vladimir Zheleznikov, based on the books "The Captain's Daughter" and "A History of Pugachev" by Aleksandr Pushkin.
This stunning video takes the approach of analyzing Russia through its art and culture, observing the revival of religious imagery along with the renaissance of authors Nikolay Gogol and Aleksandr Pushkin, composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, and film director Sergei Eisenstein.
Meanwhile, Karamzin, having been appointed court historian, wrote his History of the Russian State, a book that, according to the poet Aleksandr Pushkin, taught Russia's ruling elites "to admire the knout.
Zhukovsky, Konstantin Batyushkov, the young Aleksandr Pushkin, and many others.
The Tsar's determination to keep insurrection out of his country extended even to his personal censorship of the work of Aleksandr Pushkin.
2) Aleksandr Pushkin, Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v desiati tomakh (Leningrad: Nauka, 1977-79), 1: 298.
Petersburg's Senate Square on 14 December 1825, or the restlessly changing intellectual and emotional (at times truly dramatic) makeup of Aleksandr Pushkin and Pavel Pestel'.
PETERSBURG has given Russian literature a significant number of illustrious poets, from Aleksandr Pushkin up to Joseph Brodsky.
Director Vladimir Khotinenko counterbalances deliberately drab realism with occasional touches of fantasy -- a talking raven with a taste for vodka, a faded actress who levitates above her balcony -- and repeated allusions to lyric poet Aleksandr Pushkin.