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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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As a vice-minister of science and higher education, Professor Aleksander Bobko actively joined the creation of the National Academic Exchange Agency - he also supervised it.
Aleksander was put on life support but, after a series of violent seizures, died of sepsis and from "catastrophic pulmonary haemorrhage".
I am privileged to be involved with UEFA and I would like to thank Aleksander Ceferin for giving me this opportunity," he added.
Aleksander Mitrovic then thought he had put Serbia in front only for Darren Randolph to save.
While we note Angel Maria Villar Llona's withdrawal overnight and fully respect Aleksander Ceferin's credentials, we have agreed to support Michael van Praag," said Gill.
Gordon Stewart It begins on Thursday, September 22 at Huddersfield Town Hall with the Orchestra of Opera North performing a series of works on a theme of Fantastic Dreams and Visions conducted by Aleksander Markovic, the orchestra's new musical director.
29, 2001, Osama bin Ahmad Al-Sanusi submitted his credentials as the first Saudi ambassador to Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski.
Jacob Aleksander, David Harboe, Mads Hostrup Mortensen and Erik Hasselbalch pulled together a range of entrepreneurial skills, from market research to coding, to form Rentecarlo with help from Newcastlebased business accelerator Ignite100.
We are confident that it is rather realistic to raise coal production in the country to 480 million mt by 2030," said Aleksander Novak, energy minister of Russia.
Aleksander Owens-Thurston, 23, flew 43ft through the air and crashed into a metal girder supporting a snow cannon on a "managed" piste.
of Russia Aleksander Klimov on sidelines of the regional conference of Education Ministers of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and
Still, it's too wordy by half, saying what it should be showing--which is ironic, given helmer Aleksander L.
Elizabeth Czaban and her husband Aleksander, who has sadly died, nominated Dr Elwood, of Oakfield Street Surgery in Ystrad Mynach, for the care they both received.