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European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb

king of Macedon

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Police outside Donside Court where Aleksander Smerdel died
She said: "The DNA matched that of Aleksander Smerdel.
Aleksander Ceferin "Domestic competitions are the bread and butter of fans.
He said: "Miss Mordel would have been offered an abortion and her partner, Aleksander's father Lukasz Cieciura, agreed they would have terminated the pregnancy."
After situation I that something happen Aleksander UEFA "Because it was clear when he came back that he didn't feel well.
At the time when President Aleksander Vucic began his address, some of the protesters broke through the enclosures and reached the entrance where the gendarmerie stopped them.
Aleksander Kolarov and Branislav Ivanovic will contribute to the game not only with experience but also as set-piece experts, the first game against Switzerland saw Aleksander Kolarov convert a free kick in the second half of their first match against Costa Rica.
Aleksander was put on life support but, after a series of violent seizures, died of sepsis and from "catastrophic pulmonary haemorrhage".
Patrycja Majewska gave birth to little Aleksander atCoventry's University HospitalFIFTY HOURS after being induced but he was severely brain damaged after being starved of oxygen.
Figo joins fellow former professionals Nadine Kessler and Dejan Stankovic who were appointed advisors earlier this year and will work with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and the Football Division.
This Saturday, Murgatroyd, 31,  took to Instagram to share an ( adorable video of little Shai Aleksander. In the clip, the toddler is seen wandering around the kitchen with the desire to open some drawers.
Aleksander Kolarov fired the Serbs ahead early in the second half but even after Mikola Maksimovic saw red, O'Neill's side couldn't find a leveller.
The 68-year-old Dutch football boss is up against the relatively unknown Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin, after Spain's Angel Maria Villar Llona quit the contest on Tuesday.
Handed a complex role to create chances without a striker to pick out for the majority of his duration on the field Aleksander MITROVIC ...........................