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Alef Group, the privately held lifestyle experience provider, has recently launched a flexible payment plan for Al Mamsha whereby both end-users and investors may pay a down-payment of 5%, with the remaining amount to be paid over monthly instalments starting from AED2,325.
Alef Mobitech is the leader in the Edge Internet, which allows us to physically locate products and services closer to users.
Alef Education identified NexGen, an education technology startup based in New York City, as its US-based partner to carry forward the implementation of the program at the Harlem Children's Zone schools and other school systems across the US.
Alef is currently licensed by the Chilean government to commercially produce medical cannabis and is developing a facility to domestically produce and process medical cannabis products.
Alef's solution allows Application Services to communicate and transact effectively with Mobile Network Operators.
The agreement to implement Alef was signed on Monday in the presence of ministry officials and Alef senior executives.
It also includes the transformation of the 10 public schools into centres of technology excellence based on Alef Education's tiered support and technology ecosystem.
"We believe we have found the right partner to ensure that our shared expertise in delivering outstanding customer experiences will be perfectly translated into one of our most ambitious projects yet -- at Zero 6," said Sheikh Khalid Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman, Alef Group.
A combination of physical theatre and puppet storytelling, the play follows four friends who have been forced to leave their homes on an adventure with a magical friend named Alef, and the obstacles they face along the way to the 'Land of Gold'.
Khogyani further added that a member of the ISIL terrorist group identified as Alef Gul was looking to transfer suicide bombers from Haska Mina district to Jalalabad city for the attacks.
5 (BNA): Spring of Culture continues this weekend with the children's play "A Tale or Two for Alef." The stage performance starts on Thursday April 6 and runs over a period of three days.
Georges Ghali, director of programs at nonprofit group Alef -- Act for Human Rights, defines torture in its broadest sense as any act with severe pain or suffering -- physical or mental -- and discrimination inflicted by a public official or acting authority with the motive of obtaining information, confession or punishment, in any place where personal freedom is withheld.
To do that in Nina Simone's case, Vik is teaming up with pianist and arranger Nathan Alef. Alef provides the instrumental half of Simone's talent, which the singer, civil rights activist, mentally fragile and occasionally violent "high priestess of soul" considered her real musical gift.
Nonetheless, three musketeers saw a hidden opportunity and decided to change the game forever by establishing one of the biggest bookstore chains in Egypt, ALEF bookstores.