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The Chakor or Chukar Partridge (Alectoris chukar Gray, 1830) is a widely occurring game bird of Phasianidae family.
A singe strain of Tetratrichomonas gallinarum causes fatal typhlohepatitis in redlegged partridges (Alectoris rufa) to be distinguished from histomonosis.
In Figure 2, above, the 'number of writings' trend line shows two noticeable disparate points (a and b), which correspond to the red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufus, y=130) and the dove (Streptopelia spp., y=83).
Prey species diversity was relatively high among birds compared to mammals, with Chukar Partridge (Alectoris chukar), tetraonids, Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus), and corvids most abundant.
Anatomical and histological structure of the tongue and histochemical characteristics of the lingual salivary glands in the Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar, Gray 1830).
Pathogenesis and transmissibility of highly (H7N1) and low (H7N9) pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa).
1 7 1 1 Lacerta lepida 8 0,53 7 2 Ophidia 6 0,39 6 1 Alectoris rufa 2 0,13 2 1 Columba palumbus 1 7 1 1 Columba sp.
This is the first study to investigate whether pre-storage incubation (PRESI) of red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) eggs improves hatchability.
Objects of protection on the territory are the following bird species: Ciconia nigra, Pernis apivorus, Milvus migrans, Circaetus gallicus, Aquila pomarina, Aquila chrysaetos, Buteo ryfinus, Falco peregrinus, Alectoris graeca, Bonasa bonasia, Tetrao urogallus, Bubo bubo, Glaucidium passerinum, Aegolius funereus, Caprimulgus europaeus, alcedo attis, Picus canus, Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos medius, Picoides tridactylus, Dendrocopos syriacus, Lullula arborea, Lanius collurio, Lanius minor, Sylvia nisoria, Emberiza hortulana.
Organisation and evolution of the mitochondrial DNA control region in the avian genus Alectoris. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 47: 449-462.
Four birds, a falcon (Falconidae falco), chikore [Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar)] and two parrots (Phaethontidae psittaciformes) were presented with trauma history and inability to fly.
Asi mismo, la ausencia de una adecuada gestion cinegetica ocasiona una disminucion de las especies presa (Alectoris rufa, Oryctolagus cuniculus, Columba palumbus), necesarias para asegurar la estabilidad, entre otras, de las poblaciones de Aquila chrysaetos y otras rapaces.