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lichens having dark brown erect or pendulous much-branched cylindrical thallus

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At the beginning of spring, cycles of melting and refreezing can form an ice crust on top of the snow cover and reindeer have to migrate again to pastures with arboreal lichens (Alectoria sp.
The lichen-heath was dominated by Cetraria nivalis, Cetraria cucullata, Alectoria ochroleuca, and Bryoria nitidula.
Cladina alpestris, Cetraria nivalis, and Alectoria ochroleucha were the most abundant lichens on ridges, and all declined in cover with distance from the resort.
Cover of Cladina sp., Cetraria sp., Alectoria sp., Stereocau lon paschale, and Betula nana on ridges used by reindeer in late winter i n two different lichen cover categories (% cover), with (w) and without (wo ) exposed rocks, in Dovre moumains, Norway in 1993.