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one of the three Furies

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(20) The reversal explains why the anger shifts from Aeneas to Juno and to Amata and Turnus, through the Fury Alecto.
El especimen MUSA 15228 amplia el rango de distribucion de Cyttarops alecto en Peru, 300 km al noroeste desde la Estacion Biologica Panguana (Velazco et al.
alecto, that, the stomach has filiform longitudinal rugaes, extended throughout the length of the stomach and differed along the length of the stomach, in which the numbers of the filiform longitudinal rugae are high but thin and branched in the fundus.
It is important to note that T alecto, which had previously been cited from Tucuman (Box 1927), was not found in the present study.
Reproductive seasonality and the effect of the GnRH agonist deslorelin as a contraceptive in captive male black flying-foxes (Pteropus alecto).
But instead of Alecto as a terrible hag offering paper notes, William Pitt offers them instead.
Olympia Medical Center is a member of the Alecto Healthcare Group, a for-profit corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., which has more than 100 cumulative years of hospital experience among its management team.
Four main species of flying-foxes make up the Australian contingent: Black Flying-fox (Pteropus Alecto), Grey-headed Flying-fox (P poliocephalus), Little Red Flying-fox (P scapulatus), and Spectacled Flying-fox (P conspicillatus).
In 2010, Annex Theatre found itself with a surprise hit on its hands when it produced Alexander Harris's Alecto: Lune #1, a satincal, Spandex-clad comedy about the hidden, questionable motives of a group of superheroes.
She prayed for someone to save her, and the Furies answered, but in return she had to take Alecto's place and accept a bond with Megaera and Tisiphone to help them carry out acts of vengeance.
(29) The superiority of the propeller over the paddle wheel was established in an odd "tug-of-war" competition sponsored by the British Admiralty in 1845, during which the propeller-driven Rattler proved superior to the paddle-driven Alecto in both speed and power.
Union Pacific anticipates using five kinds of herbicides: Alecto 41S (EPA 9468-33), Esplanade 200SC (EPA 432-1516), Chemsurf 90, Alligare Picloram 22K (EPA 81927-18) and SFM Extra (EPA 81927-5).