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one of the three Furies

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We know that these projects answer the dreams of our farmers and will ensure the safety of their children in going to school, said Alecto.
But instead of Alecto as a terrible hag offering paper notes, William Pitt offers them instead.
En el canto III donde se narran las guerras entre los reyes de Tenerife y se habla de las fiestas que llevan a cabo, aparece la furia Alecto (20) y, sobre todo, es recurrente la mencion al dios Marte.
Alecto Energy PLC (Alecto Energy) (LSE: ALO), a United Kingdom-based resource investment company, has decided to convert its loan to Bulgarian Mining Corporation (BMC) into a 20 percent equity position in BMC.
When teaching "Music for awhile" do we know who Alecto was?
For a while he worked for the Arts Council, and he was one of the founders of the specialist printmaking group, Editions Alecto.
E[sz] And as Earth begins to self-destruct in defiance of her rape, Alecto, Magaera and Tisiphone, will speak for the voiceless dead who have been discarded, and billionaires will secrete themselves with the seeds of all the world's plant species locked in explosion-proof vaults, a mile below the ice under Svalbard.
Frase de reminiscencias virgilianas: Tisifone y Alecto tal y como aparecen en la Eneida, VII, 478-493: CICERON: De nat.
This action prompted the British to send four warships: the HMS Alecto, HMS Phoebe, HMS Philomel and HMS Widgem to attack all the villages around Ebrohimi, which were destroyed.
Perhaps we should make the pope, Pluto, the Cardinalle his iudges Rodomanthus, Aecus, Minos, and Triptolomus, and his Curtesanes, Tisiphone, Megara, Alecto, Erynies, and Furies, his fery man Charon, and his porter, Cerbrus [sic].
Alecto, Tisifona y Megera eran divinidades que se ocupaban de vengar crimenes y eran representadas con figuras femeninas, negras y aladas, y tenian por ayudantes a las Harpias, de manera que eran las verdaderas ejecutoras de los castigos infernales, y por esa misma razon, tambien se las representaba llevando antorchas en las manos.
There have been several attempts to fulfil Banks' vision but only in the 1980s did it come to pass, with the publication by Alecto Historical Editions of what is arguably the world's greatest work dedicated to botany.
though Alecto breathe no more her fire into him' (IX.
the Levant Hawkmoth, Theretra alecto (Linnaeus, 1758) or the Southern Eyed Hawkmoth, Smerinthus kindermannii Lederer, 1853, but there are no records, confirmed or otherwise, as yet.