Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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used as a leaven in baking and brewing

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A Trappist ale yeast provides the signature character for this very Belgian IPA.
Their Gueze was brewed in the tradition of Belgian Iambics but using a blend of ale yeast, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Acetobacter.
A traditional top fermenting ale yeast was used to showcase the malt profile and accent the fresh cranberry aroma.
And we used White Labs London Ale yeast, it's a classic strain.
Stouts are brewed with highly roasted, malted barley and fermented with ale yeast.
It is hopped with English Goldings, and fermented with Anchor's ale yeast in open fermenters (which would have been the preferred method in Yorkshire, back in Mild ale's heyday).
Samuel Adams IPA is fermented with an ale yeast for fruitiness and the big estery character that is essential to this style.
It is made from a single-temperature mash of English Maris Otter pale malt and crystal malts," he reports, "with a single addition of English Goldings hops to the boil, invert sugar, and our own ale yeast in an open fermenter.
For our American Pale Ale, we use an ale yeast and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest to provide a citrus note typical of this style.
Hood, Cascade and Chinook" fermented with Nottingham Ale Yeast.
Pitch in a good ale yeast and put the cover on with the air lock attached.
However, colder winter temperatures inhibited fermentation by the ale yeast that had been used for hundreds of years and fostered an unlikely pairing with a second, heartier species--producing an unusual crisp, clear brew that became today's lager.
It is dry-hopped with CTZ and Chinook, and fermented with a White Labs American Ale yeast.
Black and Tan is brewed using a true English ale yeast, a blend of chocolate, caramel and two other varieties of roasted malt, and a combination of Washington State hops and imported hops.
It was fermented with a Bedford Ale yeast from the U.