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Aquatic CPs of the genera Utricularia and Aldrovanda usually grow in shallow standing waters with a certain concentration of humic acids and tannins (i.e., dystrophic waters).
Humic acids were found to be essential for normal growth and development in Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Ashida, 1937; Kaminski, 1987b) and Utricularia vulgaris (Kosiba, 1992b) but facultative in other species (Pringsheim & Pringsheim, 1967; see Luttge, 1983).
Aldrovanda vesiculosa is an aquatic CP with the steepest growth polarity between the apex and senescent basal end.
Ion uptake by Aldrovanda vesiculosa shoots was studied in 6-8-hour experiments (Adamec, unpubl.).
Table VIII Effect of zooplankton feeding, addition of Carex rhizomes, or a combination of the two on the growth of Aldrovanda vesiculosa in a greenhouse.
Drosera capensis and Aldrovanda vesiculosa absorbed organic substances from 14C-labeled Daphnia prey (Fabian-Galan & Salageanu, 1968).
Aldrovanda vesiculosa is able to take up a substantial amount of organic substances from its prey.
Ecological requirements of Aldrovanda vesiculosa L.
Studies on the leaf movement of Aldrovanda vesiculosa L.
Considerations on the nutrition of certain carnivorous plants (Drosera capensis and Aldrovanda vesiculosa).