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any compound containing the group -C=NOH

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Recently, Pd and InCl3 in presence of aldoxime exhibited excellent chemoselectivity for the hydration of nitrile groups [12 -13].
Novel stereoselective synthesis of E-aryl aldoxime and ketoxime O-ethers.
Aziz; Synthesis of Some Aldoxime Derivatives of 4H-Pyran-4-ones, Molecules: 7, 239-244 (2002).
The Mining Chemicals Technology business of Cognis has developed what it claims is the only full range of SX reagent technology: Ketoximes, Aldoximes, non-modified Ketoxime/Aldoxime blends, and fully/slightly modified blends with alcohols and esters.
Aldoxime extractants are more closely refined and can deal with a far wider range of copper and acid concentrations.